The Shepherd Union Building recently celebrated its 50th birthday by hosting the Shepherd Union Birthday Bash on Friday.

The bash had unique activities for the people in attendance, including inflatable hamster balls that students could tumble around inside. Two people would be strapped to either side of the ball while other people pushed them around the union building’s ballroom.

“It was amazing,” said WSU student Tyler Andersen. “I was nervous at first but it was so fun, I liked it.”

Another feature at the party was called the Oxygen Experience. It was a booth where people could come and breathe flavored oxygen. Some of the flavors included lavender, cinnamon and energy. Each person could breathe in two flavors at a time, but being able to change the two flavors at any time.

“I wished I always breathed in peppermint,” said student Rory Porter, “and I feel like the energy flavor gave me energy.”

Joe Kapp compared the oxygen experience to when a dentist gives patients a mask and they breathe in gas.

“I am going to go do it later tonight,” he said.

Besides the unorthodox activities available, there were also normal things to do.

“The Jamba Juice is great,” said student Maria Horta. She drank the free Jamba Juice samples while she waited in line for an airbrush tattoo.

There was also a space to dance on the first floor, where many people gathered and danced to songs ranging from “U Can’t Touch This” by MC Hammer to more recent songs such as “Tik Tok” by Kesha. At one point, the dancers formed one big circle and an individual dancer would step in the middle and break-dance. A little later into the evening, the dancers had to be reminded that crowd-surfing was not allowed because it was a safety risk for the dancers themselves.

Even when there weren’t many people on the dance floor, the music was so loud that plenty of people danced, no matter where they were. A lot of people danced while they were waiting in line for an airbrush tattoo or waiting to go into the photo booth. Some people even stopped on the way down the stairs and started dancing with each other.

To celebrate the 50th birthday of the Shepherd Union Building, the entire crowd of people in attendance sung “Happy Birthday” to the building during the party. Once the song was over, small cannons fired purple confetti all over the dance floor. There was even a cake to help celebrate the building’s birthday.

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