Four years ago, I started getting into the National Football League. I had a close family friend that got drafted to the Baltimore Ravens. That automatically made me a Ravens fan.

Before the draft that year I did not really care about professional football. I could tell you who won the Superbowl but I never watched an entire game besides the Superbowl.

The Ravens were the first team that I could recite which players on the team played which positions. I could ramble stats and tell you the hottest players on the team. I actually went to two Ravens games. One game was in Baltimore at M&T Bank Stadium and the other one was in San Diego at Qualcom Stadium.

Both games were amazing experiences. A person can watch football on television and they can watch college, high school and little league games live but I don’t think anybody can really experience football unless they do from inside a professional stadium. Even if your tickets are in the nosebleed seats at the tip top of the stadium, it’s still incredible.

Because of the amazing games I have watched I love the Ravens even more. I swear I am the lone Ravens fan in Utah. I know of maybe four other people who proudly cheer for the Ravens each week. Yes, I take a load of crap from a ton of people on the choice of my favorite NFL team, but I deal.

My family friend no longer plays for the Ravens because of an injury and some disrespectful behavior. Because I have never felt excitement or passion or an extreme liking for any other NFL team before the Ravens have become the designated team for me.

We find ourselves six weeks into the current NFL season. My Ravens are sitting with a 4-1 record. They are doing real swell so far and I am expecting big things from my boys.

Quarterback Joe Flacco has thrown seven touchdown passes and has a total yardage of 1,278. Plus, his birthday is two days after mine which automatically makes him pretty cool. The Ravens offense averages about 29.6 points a game they are ranked fifth in the nation in that category. They average 121.6 rushing yards and 367.2 passing yards.

Their defense is money. They have forced like a bajillion turnovers, well, maybe not that many but you get the general idea. They are ranked first in the nation in points scored by the defense with an average of 14.3. Plus Ray Lewis, Haloti Ngata, and Ed Reed are beasts.

Every NFL fan has dreams that their team will make it to the Superbowl. I believe that my team has a legitimate chance. It is about time that the Ravens go all the way instead of losing in the semi-finals to the Steelers (who I hate with a passion). They will do great things the rest of this season and I’m looking forward to the outcome.

The Ravens were the first team I ever took the time to get to know. They are my favorite team and will be for a very long time. Nobody, no matter how hard they try, is going to change my mind. GO RAVENS!

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