The Weber State University hockey team won its homecoming game, in a high­-scoring 7-5 against Montana Tech University. The team put on a show for the fans in attendance, with two players racking up hat tricks.

Braxton Green, the team captain, scored four goals for the Wildcats. Green’s strong performance came as a bit of a surprise, since he was not going to play in the game because of a cracked rib. Green played because the team was missing some players.

Green said the team played well for most of the game, despite a few defensive-zone breakdowns.

“We played good most of the game,” Green said. “A couple of mental breakdowns, but solid overall performance.”

With the WSU Wildcats winning their third home game, they now have a 4-3 record, and have improved greatly from last season.

Head Coach Steve Soto said he was happy with the way his team performed and thought they put together a strong team performance.

“It was a good game all the way through,” Soto said. “The team showed composure when we were down and battled the whole game.”

MTU took the lead in the first 10 minutes of the game. Soto said he was happy to see his team tie the game five minutes later.

“That was a good comeback for us,” Soto said. “It gave us confidence to win the game.”

While he was happy with the win, Soto said he would have liked to see the team play more physically and win the small battles throughout the game.

“The team performed well,” Soto said. “But we still have tons of work this week.”

MTU played three games in three days on the road, and Soto said because of that, he felt MTU started to get tired.

“I thought MTU played well for playing three games in as many days,” Soto said. “I’m glad they ran out of gas.”

Sophomore Chris Roberts performed well against MTU, picking up the other hat trick in the game for the Wildcats. Roberts said he was happy to continue the strong performance the team has had this year.

“I felt like we had control of the game when we didn’t play down to their level,” Roberts said. “Overall, a great performance, and we kept our winning streak alive.”

He said he liked how the team played together and did not give up when they got the lead.

Soto said he was happy to see that, despite the game being held on a Sunday, a lot of fans showed up.

“I was very surprised of the amount of people who came to support us,” Soto said. “It was a great Sunday of hockey.”

Now the team will head to Colorado, where they will face off against Denver University, Colorado University and Colorado State University.

“Now we have a winning record, which will give us confidence going to Colorado this next weekend,” Roberts said.

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