The Weber State University engineering department is asking students to submit art for a competition.
“Engineering with art does sound kind of strange together, but I believe it is possible,” said Kelly Worthen, a junior art major at WSU. “I mean, I am sure there have been several people who have art projects that deal with engineering, like painting on cars, for example.”
Worthen said she has heard a few students in the engineering department say engineering doesn’t go with art, but she said it does in the real world.
“Art means you make something beautiful, unique and useful to yourself and others with your hands,” she said. “Engineering falls in that same category in my perspective.”
The idea for adding wall art to the engineering department originated with the department’s secretary, Susan Foss. Before, she said they had wallpaper of a shuttle that nearly covered the north wall. Now, she said it’s painted over with WSU purple. She said she wants the office to have that artwork back on the walls. She said she was “tired of the plain walls.”
Foss said she then discussed this with the engineering department to see if it could put something else up on the walls to get rid of the plainness.
“We (faculty) talked about it and decided to have art on our wall,” said Kirk Hagen, professor and department chair. “We want the artwork to have an engineering content.”
The wall that will be decorated is in the reception office of Building 4, Room 421.
Hagen said the faculty and himself wanted to improve their department without the “drab things” around. He said they decided to put unique artwork which had to do with their department up on the walls. He said it would make everything look nice.
Foss gave out examples of what type of engineering content they might be looking for. The examples included art made of metal or wires.
“We’ll accept painting, sculptures or anything, really,” she said.
Foss said the professors were thinking they would get better ideas from the students with the art pieces than they would have themselves. She said that is why they chose to advertize on the WSU website and with fliers for students to enter. The department’s deadline is Dec. 2.
Foss said prizes will be handed out to those who have the best artwork, which will be decided by the faculty.
“First place will get a $50 bookstore gift card,” Foss said. “Second place will get a $25 bookstore gift card.”
Hagen said, along with these winners, everybody’s art piece might be up there on the wall.
The information for the engineering wall art competition can be found on WSU’s homepage bulletin board. Students who have any more questions relating to the engineering wall art contest may contact Foss at 801-626-6898 or e-mail her at She said they are welcome to visit her at her desk for more information as well.

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