This is my last column of the fall 2011 semester. Because this is my last column for the semester, I knew it had to be a good one. Well, I pondered it out in my mind and was drawing a blank. My mind was full of facts for my upcoming finals, but was completely empty for a column idea.

Since this is the last week of school, I decided to take a look back at Weber State University sports and talk about the greatest highlights.

Football this year had an exciting year. Although they did not make it into the postseason, they had a lot of great games. First off, CJ Tuckett is a beast. At the beginning of the season, Tuckett and Josh Booker were fighting for the starting running back position. By the end of the season, Tuckett was dubbed king when he had 407 total yards in one game. Over a two-game period, he had over 600 yards and around seven touchdowns.

Next in the world of football, the team did not go into the season knowing that they were embarking on its beloved coach’s last season. Coach Mac announced his retirement on Nov. 8. He said he thought he would die on the football field, and they would have to cart him off on a stretcher. We are glad that didn’t happen, but we are proud of all that Coach Mac has accomplished here at WSU.

Volleyball welcomed a new head coach this year in Tom Peterson. Although the volleyball team did not have much success this year, it still welcomed Peterson with open arms. He changed the program up a little bit, and the athletes just did not adapt as well. They know where to go from here and should be much better next year.

The women’s soccer team had a very successful year. They made it all the way to the Big Sky Championship and lost out in the last half of game play. I admit I was a little surprised that they made it that far, but I am glad that they did. Way to represent!

The men’s club soccer team also won a national club title recently. Again, way to represent boys.

Softball welcomed nine new freshmen to the team this year. They had a strong fall season with a few glitches, but they still started strong. They start their real season in the spring, and it will be exciting to see this year.

Although basketball’s season is mostly in the winter and spring, the team has already had a great success in the season. It played Utah State University in the middle of November and won by 10 points. USU’s fans, for once in their life, were almost silent sitting in the seats at the top of the Dee Events Center. The team has already broken two team records, scoring the most 3-pointers in one game and winning a game by the largest deficit. It’s going to be exciting to watch where they go from here.

WSU sports have been eventful and action-packed all semester long. It is incredible to see all the fan support that has accumulated. WSU is starting to make a name for itself. I can’t wait to see where We Are Weber will go next.

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