As a welcome-back to Wildcats for the semester, the Weber State University Student Association sponsored the ‘80s-themed Neon Party from 8 p.m. to midnight on Friday. The dance took place in the Shepherd Union Building’s ballrooms and was free of charge.

Many students came decked out in traditional ‘80s wear, from miniskirts over neon leg warmers to suspender shorts. On the dance floor, DJ Marcus played some ‘80s hits as well as modern music. Other activities available to guests included a photo booth, an oxygen bar and an airbrush-tattoo booth.

“I always like coming to WSU parties, because they always have little things besides just dancing,” said M.J. Hinkle, a junior in nursing who came to the party. “ . . . Just in case you wanna take a break from the dance floor, take a break in getting your boogie on.”

Hinkle, who was wearing black leggings and a purple tank top over an orange shirt, said she felt “a little underdressed” compared to some of the other students at the dance.

“I had a gift card to Target, and just went to the women’s section for clothing and looked for neon spandex,” said Isaac Akers, a sophomore in construction management, who came in a hot pink tank top, neon-blue shorts and a headband.

Some students said they wished more actual ‘80s music was played at the dance.

“It’s a blast . . . (but) I wish they added a few more vital classic ‘80s (songs), like, disco and stuff,” Akers said.

Marie Andrus, a junior in visual communication and graphic design, said she thinks the ‘80s hold their nostalgic appeal largely because of the music.

“It was an era full of a lot of good music, actually,” she said. “I’m not specific on the artists, but there was a lot of good music during the ‘80s — a lot of the good-time, old-style rock that everybody can like. I think the other thing that appeals about the ‘80s is probably the crazy fashion that was going with it.”

Victoria Scott, a freshman in early childhood education, agreed that the opportunity to dress ‘80s-style was part of the theme’s appeal.

“It’s really fun to dress up in ‘80s wea

[media-credit id=23 align=”alignright” width=”300″][/media-credit]

Weber State University students wear their ’80s attire and dance at the neon party. Welcome Week culminated in the party, which offered dancing, an oxygen bar, bowling, air-brush tattoos and a photo booth.

r — I mean, big hair, tacky makeup; it’s a ton of fun to do,” she said.

Though she said she enjoyed the ‘80s theme, Andrus also said she would like to see a bigger variety of themes for future WSU parties.

“Maybe do more themes . . . like maybe go movie theme, or, like, a masquerade-type theme, or just like the old-style stuff. . . . I always wanted to go to a masquerade. Still do. I think that would be freakin’ fun. . . . Just multiple themes, that’s my suggestion, but besides that, they do a pretty good job with their activities.”

Hinkle also said she thinks the WSU parties are done well, and that she wouldn’t change what they offer.

“I think it’s a good time,” she said. “I think if you come to a party with the right mindset, if you wanna have fun, you’ll have fun.”

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