Weber State University and Career Services hosted a Career Fair in the Shepherd Union Building Ballrooms on Wednesday to help students and alumni reach their future career goals.

This daylong event has been going on for many years, aiding students with career needs and connecting businesses with many of their target audiences and, possibly, future employees.

“The Career Fair is an opportunity for everyone,” said Shannon Allen, who was responsible for the fair’s marketing. “It’s for students who have graduated, or will be graduating this semester, and also for juniors and sophomores who are looking for internships or contact information to certain companies. It’s a great place for students to network.”

Every year, the Career Services department invites numerous companies from across the nation to attend this recruiting event. The majority of  companies represented were from Utah, but other companies from Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Maryland, Texas, California and Georgia were all in attendance.

Companies that attended this year’s event included Goldman Sachs, Convergys Corporation, Federal Aviation Administration, Hill Air Force Base Engineering, Kraft Foods, MarketStar, UPS and IM Flash Technologies.

Robin Cazinha, the recruiting lead at IM Flash Technologies, has come to the WSU career fair for the past three years representing IM.

“We always love an opportunity to talk to students about what we do at IM,” Cazinha said. “We are extremely excited, especially for WSU, because of the new engineering program that is being offered. It could open many doors for us.”

Along with electronic and manufacturing engineering degrees, IM was also looking for students majoring in chemistry, physics and communication.

Companies were looking for highly certified candidates that could fill positions and needs within their establishment. Organizations were seeking candidates with degrees in fields including communication, math, accounting, business, education, foreign language, computer science, automotive technology, political science and geography.

Along with many career opportunities, the fair also offered a wide variety of internships to help junior, sophomore and freshman students gain the experience they need in their field of study.

“The fair has been very successful in the past, and I know this from experience,” Allen said. “Last year, some friends and I came to the fair and walked away with internships.”

Career Services constructed the event as an opportunity for students to make connections with potential clients, develop resumes and learn skills required to make a good first impression.

“I am so glad that Career Services sent me an e-mail about the fair,” said Rachel Christensen, a forensic science major graduating this spring. “If it wasn’t for that, I would have probably missed out on this great opportunity. I enjoyed getting to know the different businesses and learn what they are all about.”

For more information concerning the companies that were in attendance or help with any career needs, visit the Career Services website.

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