Current and prospective students looking for guidance about what to major in perused options with representatives from each academic department at Weber State University’s Major Fest on Wednesday in the Shepherd Union Atrium.

The WSU Student Success Center teamed up with Wildcat Welcome to offer students help in making the difficult decision of determining a course of study.

“I’ve been kind of aimless in my studies so far, just trying things out to see if I like them,” said WSU freshman Sam Carter.  “But I want to have some direction now that I’ve done that a little bit.”

Representatives from WSU’s academic departments sat at over 70 tables, each covered with informational materials and poster boards giving students different major requirements.

Professor Leah Murray, who represents the political science program at WSU, explained what her table offered.

“We have here a list of our major and minor course requirements,” Murray said. “All the things you have to know and do in order to get a degree with us, which is handy for the students. And then we also have our student groups that have information to present so that, in addition to the major, you get an idea of what student groups are available in our department as well.”

In addition to handout information and flyers, many of the tables displayed colorful dioramas, games and demonstrations to attract students and help them relate to and understand the different majors. The engineering program’s table displayed a large model bridge, while other tables sported wheels that students could spin for prizes.

Paul Every, chairman for the respiratory therapy program, sat at a table decorated with X-rays and real pig livers.  Every said Major Fest is a great way to get students interested in the program.

“I’ve been doing it 25 years,” Every said. “When we started, we had 25 graduates, and now we’ve got 125 graduates. Last year we had 57 BS degrees and 72 AAS degrees so quite a turnaround from even just 2000.”

Margarita Vara, who organized Major Fest, compared the event to a one-stop-shop.

“When a prospective student comes to Weber State, they’re probably contemplating several different majors in two or three different buildings that they have to go across campus to visit,” Vara said. “This is a good opportunity for students to come together in an all-in-one location.”

Jordan Porter, president of the geography club, said that if he had known about the Major Fest earlier, it would have saved him time.

“I’m majoring in environmental geography,” Porter said. “I was in chemistry, but then I discovered geography. . . . If I had known about things like this, it would have been a big help to me.”

Cameron White, a senior at Roy High School attending Major Fest with his mother, said that for him, the event was a huge success.

“Just looking at all the different majors and looking at something I didn’t really expect to look into and finding interest in it,” White said. “Instead of trying to go off of what people say, I got my own opinions so I can figure it all out.”

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