“I’d rather fall in love with chocolate!” That is the theme for Kourtney VanDyke’s Valentine’s party this year.

VanDyke’s party will feature a heart-shaped pinata that each guest will strike with a large stick.  She will also be printing large photos of ex-boyfriends of all party guests. VanDyke plans on pinning the pictures to a dart board and throwing darts at them. There will be lots and lots of chocolate, including chocolate strawberry cocoa. Afterward, everyone plans to go see the movie The Vow at the Junction.

VanDyke said she is protesting Valentine’s Day this year.

“Some years Valentine’s Day is great,” Vandyke said, “and some years it’s not so great.”

Vandyke said that this year is not so great, but Valentine’s Day hasn’t always been bad. Last year, VanDyke’s boyfriend took her shopping and bought her a new outfit, flowers and a charm bracelet with a diamond heart. However, one year she got dead flowers and a box of half-eaten chocolates.

“That was the worst Valentine’s present I ever got,” VanDyke said.

Josh Winegar said that he thinks Valentine’s Day is stupid.

“Why do you need a certain day to show people you love them?” Winegar said.

Winegar said he will buy Valentine’s Day gifts if there is someone special in his life. Usually, he buys chocolates, stuffed animals or maybe some jewelry.

This Valentine’s Day, Winegar has classes from 8:30 a.m. until 8:30 p.m. He said he may go to dinner in between if at all possible.

On the other hand, Erin Vandenbosch said she loves Valentine’s Day, especially now that she is married. Vandenbosch plans on writing a letter to her husband and getting him a small gift.

“I want to write a letter telling him why I love him because that will last forever,” Vandenbosch said.

Vandenbosch said she didn’t always like Valentine’s Day when she was single.  She said she and her friends would throw “girl pity parties,” buy a ton of chocolate and watch a chick flick.

“That was pretty pathetic,” Vandenbosch said.

Kara Shupe said she thinks Valentine’s Day is pointless.

“I guess the idea of Valentine’s Day is good, but it is way too commercialized,” Shupe said. “I think it is just a way for people to make money.”

Shupe said she will buy Valentine’s Day gifts if she is dating someone. Usually, she will buy cologne or a shirt.

This year Shupe will be celebrating Valentine’s Day with her family at Kobe restaurant in South Ogden.

David Rogers does not like Valentine’s Day. He does like the week before, which is Super Bowl Sunday.  Rogers said he will be taking his wife out to dinner if he doesn’t forget what day it is.

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