There is not a lot going on in sports right now. Well, not a lot that I truly care about. I am in a weird sports slump. Here is a list of all the stuff that is going on that I don’t care about and the stuff that is not going on that I do care about.


First off, the NFL has ended. My Ravens lost in the semi-finals. The Super Bowl teams were disappointing. I was not a big fan. Let’s just say that.

The only cool thing coming up in the near future that has to do with the NFL is the upcoming draft. It will be fun to see if anyone from Weber State University is going and to which team they are going. I still keep track of Tim Toone and wherever he is (Toone is currently on the practice squad for the Denver Broncos).


Basketball is my favorite sport, but not the NBA. I have never been a big fan whether it is the refs and their biases or the owners and players for their ridiculous egos.

I will sit and watch the Jazz games when I have to. It is never my first choice of television show. It’s not impossible, just not favored.


This time of year is the awkward time of year when football is over, and the beloved NBA is in full swing, and baseball is thinking about starting. Well, baseball has started, but not in full swing. Spring training has started, which is awesome, but it’s not on television.

This is the time of year (and this has happened for two years in a row) that my co-workers Eric Jensen and Nathan Davis ask me every other day if it’s baseball season and opening day. Each day, I get more and more excited because it’s one day closer to the actual opening day.

I understand that baseball has started; WSU has been playing for a few weekends now. Hey, that is all well and fantastic, but guess what? When they are off gallivanting in San Diego and Arizona, I can’t (although I wish I could) go with them and fully partake of the sitting in the ballpark, checking out the hot guys, eating sunflower seeds, basking in the sun light and sipping on an ice-cold beverage fun. Those are some of the best things about baseball.

I cannot experience those things until A) the sun comes out and stays out, and the weather decides to stay nice, and B) there are baseball games at home or at least in the vicinity of home.

So here I am in this awkward situation: no football and no baseball. The only thing holding me over is WSU basketball. Even that is hard because all the games are away from here on out until the Big Sky Tournament, which we are waiting to hear if it will be at the Dee Events Center.

Moral of the story, my sport world is very uneventful. Baseball and softball season are rapidly approaching, but not rapid enough. Until then, I am just sitting and waiting.

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