Brady Harris — senate president

Kelsey Spaulding — College of Applied Science and Technology senator
Krystal Garner — College of Arts and Humanities senator
Mina Eastes — College of Business and Economics senator
Kimmy Tribe — College of Education senator
Lam Nguyen — College of Health Professions senator
A.J. White — College of Science senator
Chelsie Greer — College of Social and Behavioral Sciences senator
Matthew Glover — Honors/B.I.S. senator
David Wilson — traditional student senator
Spencer Garn — nontraditional student senator
Josh Mullins — Davis campus senator
Benjanim Eschler — residence halls senator
Hector Valencia — students with disabilities senator
Jennifer Carver — veteran students senator
Jeff Rasmussen — athletics senator
Jeffery Henry — African-American student senator
Stephanie Quinn — American Indian student senator
Amy Pittman — Asian student senator
Viviana Felix — Hispanic student senator
Zynab Alshakhis — international student senator
Josh Poli — Polynesian student senator

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