Graduation is a time of change and of goodbyes. Next week graduating seniors will say farewell to Weber State University, but they wont be the only ones saying goodbye.

WSU President Ann Millner announced earlier this year that she will be stepping down as president of the school. She will remain president until a replacement can be found.

Marsha Richter, who was the assistant to the president, said that during the 13 years she worked with Millner, she was impressed at how dedicated she was to WSU.

“We go back quite a long time,” Richter said. “Throughout all that time, it’s been so wonderful to work with her. There are so many things that I’ve been impressed by.”

Richter worked with Millner for 13 years in multiple capacities at WSU. Richter said one of the things she was most impressed by was the amount of work Millner put into each position she held.

“Because of the different aspects in which we had been involved,” Richter said, “one of the things that I observed from her as she moved into different areas is that she really does her homework when she’s delving into new undertakings and projects.”

Millner has worked at WSU for 30 years. Richter said Millner has worked hard nearly every day since she became president.

“Her total focus has been Weber State University,” Richter said. “From the time she gets up in the morning till the time she sleeps, if she ever sleeps. Her total focus is Weber State University. It always has been.”

Bev Rudd, who is the University Advancement Event Coordinator agreed that Millner has put in countless hours for WSU.

“From what I know,” Rudd said, “Ann worked morning, noon and night, and weekends for Weber State. She promotes WSU everywhere and every time she goes some place.”

One of the things about Millner that stuck out in Richter’s mind was the way Millner interacted with employees and staff members.

“I think about how many times I’ve seen her insightfulness to perceive others strengths,” Richter said. “She was great at putting people where they could use their strengths to be successful. She was always thinking about them personally and professionally.”

Another thing that stood out to Richter was the fact that Millner was constantly working to foster relationships with WSU faculty and staff.

Richter said Millner was always a great example, and that she was able to apply things in her work that she learned from Millner.

“I was in a position where I needed to do some of the things I saw her doing,” Richter said. “She was a great example of team building, collaboration and a perfect weaving of personal and professional interactions. She was very professional in that regard.”

As president, Millner attended many events each week in support of WSU. Rudd said Millner was always excited to attend campus events and worked hard to make them a success.

“She is very supportive,” Rudd said. “Even when an event is not going to plan, she just rolls with it. She never gets upset and is always extremely complimentary about the success of events.

Rudd said there is not enough room in Millner’s calendar to put all the things she has to do as president.

Millner will likely remain as president over the summer until a replacement can be named. A member of the Utah Board of Regents will chair a search committee with the Board of Trustees, faculty members and students that will help select the new president.

JoAnne Robinson, the administrative specialist for the president’s office said Millner will likely remain at WSU until September.

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