During the annual Boys State event, Congressman Rob Bishop gave a talk and later went into all of the classrooms — or ‘cities’, as they are called — and answered questions about politics. Bishop has been coming to talk at Boys State for years.

Bishop also gave advice about what education is needed to obtain a job in politics.

“The cool thing about government in the United States is that . . . you don’t have to be a specialist,” Bishop said. “Anybody can function in government as long as they have some rational positions.”

Several of the questions students asked were either political or current event-based. Students asked Bishop about his stance on things such as the legalization of marijuana and creating a flat tax. One of the most popular questions asked was about the amount of control he thought should be given to the states and the federal government.

Attendants also asked questions about Bishop personally. In many rooms, students asked why he was tan or how he did his hair. They also asked him who his favorite president was (“Washington, because there would not be a country if not for him”).

Each year, Boys State has about 200-300 students attend. Bishop has sent his own sons to Boys State.

“It’s a good program,” he said. “I think they gain a lot from it. There are other kinds of programs around, (but) this gives them a week to be here to try and concentrate and try to understand the intricacies of different levels of government and how they work together. This is not the end-all; this is the beginning of the learning process.”

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