The Summerbridge program, designed to help incoming freshmen, will host its kickoff event tomorrow in the Weber State University Union Building Ballroom C from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. with seminars and workshops.

Students who qualify for the Summerbridge program include those who are first-generation college attendees, students with disabilities and students who are in developmental math or English (0950 or 0955).

“It gives them a jumpstart into college life,” said Lindsay Beddes, the Summerbridge coordinator.

The students are introduced to their academic advisers, who help them sign up for classes for the fall semester. They also have the chance to look at Canvas and use it before classes start. Along with the Connecting to College program, there is also the SmartStart program, through which students can start their college courses five weeks before the fall semester begins. The students then have the chance to improve their skills and have the option of retaking the Accuplacer to try to place into a higher-level math class.

Summerbridge was first started in 2007. New additions to the program this year include four different trips students can choose from. These trips include river rafting, rock climbing, canoeing and an overnight camping trip. There will also be a service project allowing students to help clean up at Antelope Island. For these trips, Summerbridge teamed up with Campus Recreation and Community Involvement Center.

“We were looking for an abstract way to teach about college life,” Beddes said.

Each trip has a metaphor that can be applied to college life. Beddes said river rafting could be seen as a metaphor for a student’s support system. “Who will be on your raft?”

This month is only the start of the program. Summerbridge will continue almost every month until December.

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