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Weber State University has a student, faculty and staff population of roughly 27,000 individuals. To protect and serve the population on campus, WSU has its own police department.

Headed by Police Chief Dane LeBlanc, the WSPD employs nine full-time uniformed officers and 35 part-time officers, all of whom are state-certified police officers commissioned by the Board of Regents.

“The Weber State Police Department works in conjunction with the other surrounding police departments, whether that is Ogden or Layton police, to make sure our campuses are safe and secure environments,” said Sergeant James Wagner, head of the patrol division for the Ogden campus.

WSU police officers patrol the entire area of the Ogden and Davis campuses, as well as any other property owned or leased by WSU.

“We like to be visible to the students, to let them know we are here,” Wagner said. “That’s why you’ll see a lot of officers riding their bikes or walking the campus as opposed to sitting in their patrol vehicle.”

The WSPD also provides training services. The police train the housing residents and attendants in a periodical crime prevention class.

“We do a lot of trainings on campus for various subjects when we are asked, so that faculty and students are ready for any possible situation that may become hostile,” said Sergeant Robin Helton, who is located primarily at the Davis campus. “We like to be available and approachable to all of the students.”

WSU has experienced very few serious crimes throughout the years. In the case that a serious crime occurs and poses a threat to faculty and staff, the WSPD will post a crime alert via Code Purple to inform all students and faculty on campus. Information about the threat and updates to the case will be posted in numerous fashions. One in particular will be posted in the lobby and entrance area of the affected campus buildings on orange paper.

Most arrests on campus have been alcohol or drug arrests. WSU’s policies and procedures state that no alcohol is allowed on the premises as it is a dry campus, and furthermore, no drugs are allowed on campus. Students having problems with such issues should contact Student Wellness at 801-626-7156 or in Room 150Q of the Student Service Center.

WSU utilizes approximately 29 Code Blue emergency phones scattered throughout the Ogden campus and six at the Davis campus. The emergency phones are both in stand-alone locations and attached near the entrance of most buildings. These phones automatically send you to a WSU Police Department officer in dispatch ready to take your emergency call.

To report a crime or an emergency at WSU from a campus phone, call extension 6460, or from outside WSU’s phone system, 801-626-6460 or 911.

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