It might be logical to assume that a student could grow sick of eating on campus after so long. If you have the money to eat out, it can be nice to go find someplace different every once in a while. Whether you live in the dorms, or are stuck in Ogden and are searching for a new “dining experience,” this is a list that you may just find helpful.

I’ve put together a few of my favorite places to eat in the Ogden area, and this is by no means a statistically accurate list, just a personal opinionated rank of some of the restaurants I think are worthwhile. My own tastes include exotic cuisine from other cultures (Indian, Greek, Japanese, etc.) and small local restaurants that have a “hidden gem” quality, so maybe you’ll find out about something new and go on an adventure during your next day out to lunch.

9. Beto’s (1015 Washington Blvd.)

This seems to be a popular place with most WSU students, especially those craving amazingly rich Mexican food with generous portions. If you enjoy ordering burritos the size of a newborn child, this may just be your place. I always end up with leftovers when I go there, and it’s a great place to order one entree if you intend on splitting something with at least three people. Not to mention it’s open 24 hours a day, so late-night cravers have somewhere to snack.

8. Eastside Diner (4396 Harrison Blvd.)

You can never underestimate knowing a good diner, and though someplace like Denny’s or Dee’s works just as well, I love Eastside because it’s one of those restaurants that’s almost like a well-kept secret. It’s the perfect place to get a cup of coffee, sit down for a quiet lunch or have breakfast for dinner. Not to mention it’s incredibly close to WSU. The prices are about the same as Dee’s, and the twist is it serves American and Asian cuisine, so you can play it safe, or decide to be adventurous one day and order a Thai dish from its Asian menu.

7. Sitara India (3585 Harrison Blvd.)

My new favorite style of exotic food is Indian, and Sitara was my first introduction. Even if curry isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other non-spicy options, and even choices that would favor a vegetarian diet are still amazing. My advice for Sitara is that if you plan to walk in and eat, plan to stay for a while. The way the food is cooked, it takes a while to make sure everything is prepared properly (I know from years of watching my family’s Mediterranean kitchen process), so you have to be patient and just trust that the food is worth the wait. There is also the option of getting your food to go, but it’s recommended that you call at least 30 minutes in advance. I’ve had experience with a walk-in to-go where I was waiting almost 30 minutes to get the food. Not to mention everyone else seemed to have the same idea about the takeout that day.

6. Tony’s Pizza (403 39th St.)

Though I’m not much of a pizza fan, this has been the one place that I’ve loved going to ever since I can remember. They make traditional thin-crust pizza instead of the American deep-dish, and the cheese is thick and seems to melt right off the crust. They also have spaghetti and highly recommended meatball sandwiches as other choices for those who still may not want pizza.

5. Burch Creek Mercantile (3920 Washington Blvd.)

This is a place I’m in love with based on atmosphere alone. The Mercantile is basically a vintage ice cream shop carrying Farr’s, but they also serve sandwiches, soups, shakes and tons of old-fashioned sweets. It’s like walking back in time into a 1950s malt shop, and would be a cute authentic place to take a date for ice cream.

4. Windy’s Sukiyaki (3809 Riverdale Rd.)

Windy’s is basically Japanese cuisine for a special occasion. The prices are a little above average, but when you consider the prices for some of the dishes, such as the sushi, it really is pretty reasonable. The atmosphere is peaceful and really a place to go when you want to impress. There are even traditional dining areas with the rooms separated by paper screens and the tables on the floor. It’s great if you’re planning on announcing something private at an intimate dinner.

3. The Athenian (252 25th St.)

For those of you who love the annual Greek Food Festival in South Ogden, but wish it didn’t come only once a year, fear not! The Athenian is one of the best places for authentic Greek food in Ogden. It offers more choices than your average gyro and souvlaki, not to mention more class! This is Mediterranean at its best, and another place worth trying if you’re wanting to eat more exotically.

2. Roosters Brewing Co. (253 25th St.)

This is one of the most popular grills on Historic 25th St. I’m impressed with their whole menu; even some of the simplest salads I’ve ordered have turned out amazing. The atmosphere is busy and lively, and perfect if you and a group of friends are treating yourselves to a night out.

1. Bistro 258 (258 25th St.)

This restaurant has to be one of the best in the area closest to Weber, and I love it because the food is amazing, but the prices don’t leave you bankrupt (at least at lunchtime). They have everything from salads to sandwiches to pasta, and even rice bowls. The dinner menu is a bit pricier, but you can always opt for one of their amazing appetizers if you’re not dying for a New York steak. Don’t forget the dessert either, since Chocolate Dream Cake or creme brulee can be just a little hard to resist sometimes.

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