The construction of the new building at Weber State University Davis is on schedule and on budget since the groundbreaking in November 2011.

The WSU department of construction management and technology and the department of interior design technology will relocate from the Ogden campus and be housed at Davis. The School of Nursing will also be enlarged in the new building.

“The nursing program will have bed labs here, simulation suites, pretty well built like if you went over to McKay-Dee Hospital,” said Bruce Davis, vice provost and dean of Continuing Education. “Students will be practicing and learning their craft in a similar setting to what they’ll be working with when they graduate.”

In addition to relocating degree programs, the new building will feature a student union with full food service provided by Sodexo. The Davis campus will also eventually add 1,000 parking spaces because, according to Davis, the lots fill up during the nighttime, since that is when most of the Davis campus student body attends.

The new building will double the size of the campus’ testing center capacity.

“Thirty-seven percent of the overall student body at Weber State lives in Davis County, compared to 34 percent in Weber County,” Davis said. “While they’re taking classes in Ogden or online, they take their tests here.”

The building will feature a three-story open atrium in the middle and a sky bridge so students can enter the building from the ground directly onto the second floor.

Davis said he hopes that, with the new building, the campus can also have another full-time police officer for the evenings.

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