On Wednesday, Student Involvement and Leadership started holding a monthly meeting for students involved in leadership to discuss their projects, successes and to get training called Monthly Madness. The meeting takes place on the first Wednesday of every month and is open to the public.

“As the WSUSA leadership, I think it’s very, very, very important that we know each other,” said Andrew Gardiner, the WSU Student Association president. “We know who each other are, what our positions are, how we can create synergy, work well with each other.”

During the meetings, the WSUSA Extra Mile Medallion will be given to the leader who goes above and beyond what is expected of them. The first recipient was Michelle Gold, the Student Life and Interest Clubs chair under Clubs and Organizations.

Gardiner said Gold received the award because the clubs and organizations vice president was gone during the first week of school and Gold stepped up, took responsibility and made things easier for the absent vice president.

“It’s a small token of our appreciation that you will be able to cherish for the rest of your life,” Gardiner said, “kind of to remember the experience and be reminded how important it is to go the extra mile.”

After the award is given out, students who are vice presidents for different areas get up on stage and talk about what their group had done since the last meeting, how it went and what they are currently working on. For example, Julia Saxton, the service vice president, talked about the Adrian Maxson Day of Service on Aug. 30. She also talked about the Blood Battle and encouraged people to go donate blood.

“What we think, as a group, will happen from these is we will have more unity within student leadership and that will only spread to the student body,” Gardiner said.

Once the vice presidents are finished talking, there will be a training session or a guest speaker. For the first meeting, Gardiner talked about the SIL theme for the year, “believe in.” They had everyone there sign a banner, writing down what they believed in, which will hang in the SIL Office.

“We’ve never done anything like this where all our student leaders can be in one place at one time and be able to mingle with one another and really get to know each other,” Saxton said. “I think it will (make) our leaders a lot more united . . .”

Saxton said all the student leaders don’t get together often because they are focused on their own events and meetings.

“I think it’s really awesome for us to all come together here, so we can learn about everything going on on campus and spread the word,” said Alexis Holbert, the YMCA chair. “It’s really word of mouth, that’s how a lot of events get out there.”

She said students might not like volunteering with YMCA, an after-school program for children, but they might want to know about the foam party, and these meetings could help spread the word.

“One of the biggest objectives of these is just to have fun,” Gardiner said, “look back at this experience and know that we worked hard for the students, but yet we had a blast doing it.”

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