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Police secure the scene of the accident. The bicyclist is the vice president of WSU’s hockey team, Jordan Faas.

The vice president of Weber State University’s hockey club was struck by a car this morning while riding his bike on the northwest side of campus.

WSU student Jordan Faas, 25,was being treated at 1 p.m. at McKay-Dee Hospital. He had a gash in his forehead and numerous cuts on the left side of his face.

Faas will have to have the gash stapled shut by a surgeon later today, said Braxton Green, president of the hockey club.

The female driver of the red Mazda attempted to make a U-turn on Edvalson Street and hit Faas, according to Cpl. Cliff Hamilton, a WSU police officer on the scene.  Hamilton said that, although he is unsure what part of Faas’ body came into contact with the car, Faas did hit the Mazda’s windshield.

WSU police and paramedics responded to the 911 call within minutes and arrived on the scene around 10:15 a.m.

Angela Rackham saw the bicycle on the road and pulled over to help. She and her vehicle’s passenger, Carlo Paz, are both trained medics in the U.S. Army. They both said other people were on the scene as well by the time they pulled over.

“I see a bike on the road, and I’m like, immediately, ‘I need to pull over,’” Rackham said. “We stopped, pulled over, came over here and saw blood all over this guy.”

Paz said Faas had glass embedded in his face and a large cut on his forehead.

Faas’ girlfriend called Green and told him about the accident. Green then visited Faas in the emergency room shortly after Faas was admitted.

“He was joking around, and I think he’ll be fine,” Green said.

Although Faas does not play on the hockey team, Green said Faas is the team’s anchor.

“I talked to him, and he was worried about our home opener tomorrow rather than recovering,” Green said. “He does our game-day promotions and operations, so that’s going to hurt us.”

According to Sgt. James Wagner, the accident is still being investigated.

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