About 1,000 people sat on the field with blankets and chairs at Weber State University’s Davis campus last Friday to watch the Disney-Pixar movie Brave.

Erik Ashby, the coordinator for Davis campus student programs, has been working at the Davis campus for five years, and for as long as he has been there, the campus has put on an outdoor movie at least once a year. He said the campus usually shows one to kick off the fall semester. Many of the event’s attendees were parents with their children.

“We really focus a lot on our nontraditional students here at the Davis campus,” Ashby said. “That’s always been our tradition. When you talk about traditions for Weber State, the Davis campus has a very strong tradition of having that strong nontrad student population here, and they like to feel supported.”

Ashby said the school picked the movie Brave because it was the hot blockbuster of the summer.

“Who doesn’t want to come see Brave again?” Ashby said.

Some movies, including Brave, can be rented as a prerelease, which comes after the movie is in theaters but before the movie comes out on DVD. The movie costs more money to rent as a prerelease.

“It’s the first event; it’s the first time we get to see how many people actually come to events,” said Melissa Moyle, who works on the student council. “It kind of helps get us pumped up for future events and be more enthusiastic in planning.”

The people who came to the event and either registered to vote or donated to the Weber Cares Food Bank were entered into a raffle. The raffle prizes included homecoming shirts and WSU foam fingers, and the grand prize was a basket full of movie-themed prizes.

“I think it comes down to being more engaged in Weber State,” said Joshua Mullins, the Davis campus student senator, “just getting all the experience out of the college experience . . . we want to encourage people to be a part of something more. We want them to bleed purple with us.”

Mullins became the Davis campus senator because he not only takes classes there, but also went to high school through NUAMES at Davis. He said he fell in love with the campus.

“To be successful here, everyone has to rely on everyone,” Mullins said about the Davis campus.

He said the Davis campus is different from the Ogden campus because students rely on each other for resources that they don’t have.

“I really enjoyed it. It was an excellent movie,” said Aaron Calder, an information technology major and a junior at WSU. “It was a good story with a good message. I’m big on movies with good messages.”

Calder said he thought Brave was not as good as Toy Story, but was pretty close.

“This was a super good movie and event, and I hope they do these in the future, often,” Calder said.

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