A new Weber State University satellite bookstore in downtown Ogden is set to open in March of next year, to reach students and the surrounding community.

Campus bookstore vice provost Alex Lawrence and Ogden City have worked together in the planning of this new installment.

“Weber State is just a huge part of this community, and we’re going to do everything we can to help,” said Mike Caldwell, mayor of Ogden City.

The store will consist of WSU apparel, books, digital technology devices and an area where students can meet. Tickets to games and events will also be sold at the store.

“We’re just really excited for the opportunity to get Weber State back to its roots,” said Amber Robson, marketing director for the campus bookstore.

The products and services will be provided to fit the area and community of downtown Ogden.

“This gives people an opportunity who can’t make it up to campus to still be involved with Weber State,” Robson said.

There will be three levels to the building, with the bookstore on the bottom and a Continuing Education branch in the upper levels. Each level will be 6,000 square feet, equaling 18,000 square feet in all.

On the second level, about 2,000 square feet will be a classroom with a capacity of 40, provided by Continuing Education and the Private Business Sector. This classroom will be used to teach cutting-edge business courses not available in the college setting, such as how to build a Facebook page for a business or a mobile app. They will not be credit courses taught by university professors, but will be taught by business professionals from the community.

The remaining space on the floor will be for co-working space. The entire third floor will be completely open for work space, consisting of tables, couches and bean bags provided also for students and community members.

“Students will have access to all of the above,” Lawrence said.

The second and third floors will also be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It will cost business people to work in the building, but Lawrence said there will be a discount for students to work there.

Once a year, a group of out-of-state entrepreneurs will come for three months during the winter and start a mobile application business.

“We’ll have all kinds of technology and entrepreneurial events in the daytime and the evening,” Lawrence said.

With the mayor hoping to make Ogden more of a college town in the future, the new store is also designed to help increase support from the community.

“It will be very welcoming to students, for sure,” Lawrence said.

Lawrence has worked with Caldwell over the past few months to make these plans happen. Lawrence said Caldwell was very “supportive, and is a believer in this.”

More information will be posted as plans continue to unfold.


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