Weber State University students looking to get involved on campus now have the opportunity to participate in the recently reorganized Billiards Club in the Shepherd Union Building.

WSU freshman Ernesto Molina, who was recently promoted to vice president, is one of the newest club members helping with the reorganization process.

“My predecessors let the club fall and crash; I’m trying to start the club back up,” Molina said.

With a current roster of 11 members who have paid dues, the club is looking for many more participants. Ideally, the club would like to have around 25 members who meet once a week to participate, play pool and just have a good time meeting new people.

“It’s a social gathering; we come together to play,” Molina said. “We are just trying to have fun. We also would like to try to put a national team together at the collegiate level to compete with other universities.”

Prospective members need not worry about their billiards skill levels. According to current club member Tyler Gallegos, “you meet people from all sorts of experiences. You meet professionals, amateurs and beginners. . . . I like it because it’s enjoyable, it’s fun. It’s one of those things I enjoy doing very often. You should definitely do it. You meet people. You get a real inside look at what billiards is about.”

Another club member, Stewart Clark, expressed a similar reason for his membership.

“Because you get to know more people and you learn how to play better, meet interesting people, and it’s a very fun activity to do,” Clark said.

The Billiards Club features opportunities for any WSU students to participate, compete and enjoy the game of billiards.

The club is located in the Shepherd Union Building near the WSU radio station and bowling alley on the main floor. Meetings are currently held every Wednesday from 7-9 p.m., and the club is also looking to possibly meet Tuesday and Thursday nights as well. All equipment is included and covered by required dues, which are paid once per semester.

“So far, we have no funding other than dues,” Molina said. “We are trying to get more funding to support the club.”

Dues for the Billiards Club are $45 and include a free 10-hour punch card for billiards, access to all club meetings and events, as well as discounted equipment up to 60 percent. The dues play a major role in keeping the club operating and creating an enjoyable experience. Attendance and participation is highly encouraged, as well as a desire to practice and improve. One of the biggest goals of the Billiards Club is to organize and participate in tournaments.

For more information, students can visit the Billiards Club home page at

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