The Goddard School of Business and Economics emphasized the different aspects of business last week at Weber State University. The purpose of Business Week was to promote awareness of the different clubs, majors and networking opportunities the school has for its students.

Each day during the week, a club held activities and talked with students about how they can become involved. The different clubs were Beta Alpha Psi for Accounting, the Student Human Resource Management Club, Wildcat Investors, the Weber Marketing Association and the Weber Entrepreneurship Association, with activities such as spike ball and trivia.

“The purpose is to draw attention to not only the business school, but to what they do as a club,” said Pat Wheeler, coordinator of recruitment and career development at the school.

Along with club activities, a highlight event of the week was the Business and Industry night on Wednesday, where over 40 employers attended to present what they offer to students. Some of these employers included Adobe, ATK, FBI, Goldman Sachs, Lifetime Products, Nutraceutical, Petzl America, Tecolote, Williams International and Zion’s Bank.  This also provided a networking opportunity to students at the business school.

The Business and Industry Night was open to Goddard School of Business and Economics students only. The reason for this was because it was paid for by the school, which wanted to give students a better opportunity.

“It’s a chance for students to introduce themselves to employers and to find out where they hire business graduates in their organization,” Wheeler said.

Wheeler said the goal is for students to walk out with enough employers knowing and remembering who they are that when the jobs open, that image of them is triggered in employers’ minds.

“They might have something opening that hasn’t even been advertised,” Wheeler said.

Business and Industry Night wasn’t just for undergraduate students, but graduate school students as well. Jared Costley and his brother Ian are graduate school students who attended the event to look at other opportunities in their career field.

“I think it’s a great opportunity to go around and see what’s out there in the industry,” Jared Costley said.

Ian Costley said he’s really appreciative of WSU’s efforts to help students find job positions relevant to their majors. He said he and his brother have good jobs that came from internships offered through the business school.

Mina Eastes, senator for the College of Business and Economics, said networking is a really good thing for students in the business school, because it’s not about what they know but who they know. Eastes said that, earlier in the year, the school was recruiting for clubs.

“That’s one thing I wanted to do with Senate this year, and why I ran is because I wanted to create more communication and let people know about what’s going on,” Eastes said.

Eastes said that, over the past year, there has been 100 percent more involvement in the business school’s. She said these clubs connect students to employers, and that membership looks good to employers who want leadership skills.

As a result of Business Week, more students joined clubs and were able to reach out to employers for possible future jobs in the market.

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