Winter may be fast approaching, but that doesn’t mean the outdoor adventures have to stop. For most Wildcats, the cost of outdoor fun in the winter often makes it hard to get out and enjoy the outdoors of Ogden and surrounding areas.

“I just can’t afford a ski pass,” said Jessica, a Weber State University freshman, last name not given. “I can’t justify buying one since I have no time, either. It’s hard to make time for fun when everything costs so much.”

However, the WSU Outdoor Program offers a variety of deals and activities for Wildcats that most don’t know about. The program, nicknamed Weber Outdoors, is paid for by student fees, which means it is able to offer discounts to any WSU student.

“We’re a full-service outdoor equipment rental center,” said Daniel Turner, coordinator of the WSU Outdoor Program.

Turner said that not only does the program offer rentals for affordable prices, it does “adventure trips and outing programs, custom guided adventures service, (an) indoor climbing wall, and (a) low ropes challenge course.”

With winter well on its way, Weber Outdoors has prepared a variety of rentals and trips for WSU students, all at low costs.

“In the winter, our skis and snowboards are the most popular,” Turner said.

Weber Outdoors offers alpine, cross-country, telemark and AT skis, as well as rentals not only for equipment, but for places to stay.

“One of our most popular rentals we have right now is our Bloomington Canyon Yurt,” Turner said.

The yurt, located in Bloomington Canyon, Idaho, comes with a wood-burning fireplace and wood stove.

“Our service is primarily focused on WSU students, given that we are supported by students fees,” Turner said. “But all of our services are open to the faculty, staff and the general public. I believe we are Ogden’s best-kept secret!”

Harrison Fuller, a WSU student as well as an employee of Weber Outdoors, said there is something for everyone at Weber Outdoors.

“I would suggest that students figure out what they like and then look at what we have that might help them,” Fuller said.

The deals may be new to some students, but the program has actually been around for several years.

“The Outdoor Program was founded in the early ’80s with the intent to get students outside, engaged in outdoor pursuits,” Turner said. “It all started with WSU students going on cooperative adventure trips, and has since developed into ski rentals, international trips, a guide and outfitter service, indoor training for rock-climbers, and a challenge course for student leadership and corporate groups.”

Turner, who has been with the program since 2007, said that, while the winter rentals are popular, the summer months hold just as much promise for WSU students.

“In the summer months, standup paddle boards, inflatable kayaks and the white-water rafts are most popular,” he said.

In addition to these popular rentals, the Outdoor Program offers Snake River rafting trips and a variety of trips over school breaks. There will be a cooperative San Rafael climbing trip Nov. 2-4, a kayak roll session on Nov. 29, and the Ouray ice-climbing trip Dec. 15-19. These trips offer ways for Wildcats to enjoy the breaks from school, see the outdoors, learn new hobbies and travel with other students at “poor college student” rates.

More information on rentals, trips and Weber Outdoors is available at

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