On Halloween night, the Weber State University Student Association screened “The Ring” to entertain students and raise funds for participating clubs.

The movie played from 8-11. p.m. for WSUSA Programming’s Night of Fright Drive-in.

Brady Harris, the legislative vice president for WSUSA, was at the event to help the organizers set up and make sure everything ran smoothly. Harris said a lot of students showed up and the event went off without any difficulties.

“It was a good event,” Harris said. “It was brilliantly set up, and we got quite a bit of turnout for Halloween night.”

The event was unique compared to past movie screenings at WSU on Halloween. In the past, movies sponsored by WSUSA have usually been screened in a more traditional way, inside the Shepherd Union Building or other buildings on campus. This time, it was a drive-in outside. The horror movie “The Ring” was screened by a projector onto a 30-foot inflatable screen in the W8 parking lot south of the Kimball Visual Arts Center.

Sound for the film was broadcasted through 88.1 Weber FM. It could also be heard from speakers, which allowed some students without cars to set up collapsible chairs around the perimeter of the parking lot. Around two dozen cars were parked facing the screen when the movie began.

The screening was also an opportunity for WSU clubs to raise funds for their organizations by selling snacks to those in attendance. Several clubs took advantage of this opportunity, including the WSU DECA club.

“We wanted to raise money for our club, and we found out that no one was serving popcorn,” said Ramsey Mansour, the vice president and state representative of DECA.

DECA was set up to the side of the parking lot next to the WSU Chinese Club’s table. The Chinese Club sold students traditional Chinese snacks and tea and brought around a dozen students out to participate. DECA also sold candy apples along with popcorn.

Other groups of students brought their own food for the screening. However, the fundraising was still a success for DECA, according to Mansour.

“We broke even in the first couple of minutes, so that went really well,” he said.

Club officers and their friends showed up to help out with the table and watch the film. Not only did the event help DECA acquire funds, but it was also a way for club members to spend time together and interact with other WSU students, Mansour said.

“It was a lot of fun,” he said. “We got to socialize with members, do some bonding and feed some hungry Weber State kids.”

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