Many Weber State University students might assume that clubs and organizations simply exist to entertain and provide an enjoyable experience. The International Honors Society in Psychology, or Psi Chi, is an organization that specializes in preparing psychology students for graduate school while still seeking to offer an enjoyable experience at WSU.

According to club president Scott Ploharz, Psi Chi offers many opportunities for psychology students to learn and grow.

“The psychology department is broken down into two groups,” he said. “There is Psi Chi, which is for upper-division future grad students that meet GPA requirements, and then there is the Psychology Club, which anyone can join to learn more about psychology.”

Ploharz said Psi Chi is more of an opportunity for students who are majoring in psychology, while the Psychology Club is the best option for those looking for a learning experience but aren’t necessarily committed to psychology as a career. There is a wide range of involvement opportunities for everyone.

For the month of October, for example, the university specifically asked Psi Chi to set up six different tables on six different days throughout the month to help generate awareness about mental disorders and depression.

“I joined Psi Chi to get involved with psychologically based activities,” said club member Bliss Voight. “I also joined to take advantages of research and networking opportunities.”

Fellow club member Britaini Delbo said she has gained a lot from Psi Chi in many ways.

“It’s awesome,” she said. “We have fun, and it’s a great group of people. I started pursuing a career in psychology because I wanted an in-depth look into psychological issues and to learn what I could do with undergraduate training.”

The club was started at WSU more than 25 years ago as a way to benefit both students in psychology and students with mental and psychological disorders.

Students looking for an opportunity to get involved and acquainted with Psi Chi are invited to stop by the office to learn more.

“If this is something you are interested in, we have an office on the third floor in the psychology building,” Ploharz said. “Come stop by and say hello to learn more.”

The WSU Psychology Department is located in the Social Science Building, Room 370.

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