Summer is usually the time of year that students of all ages yearn for. But instead of sitting on your mother’s couch watching Netflix, or going boating for the 16th time this month, why not better yourself during the summer? Why not use this special season to make a difference in more lives than one? The Signpost has conjured up five different ways students can enrich their summer experience.

1. Continue your education during the summer. The point of going to college is to get an education and use the skills we are taught in the “real world,” to get a good job and live the “American Dream.” So why not finish early, or at least get ahead? The summer courses taught at Weber State University have small class sizes and a faster pace. Enrich your summer experience by becoming more book-smart in your particular field of study. There is nothing wrong with staying in school, especially when the buildings are air-conditioned.

 2. Volunteer. Losing yourself in the service of others is how many people find themselves. Volunteering can provide breadth in your life, while connecting you to other people who want to do good. Improving the lives of others will help improve yourself. Not to mention that Weber State has many volunteer opportunities available year-round. It will look great on a resume and can even pay for your education.

3. Study abroad or take an internship. Real-world experience is what employers are looking for. The experiences from internships are invaluable in the job market. Summer is the perfect time to climb aboard and become the “new guy” in your field of interest. Studying abroad is another way to make global connections that will not only change your summer, but also your perception on life. Culture shock is a terrible form of distress that many Utahns feel once they cross the border into obscure places — like Idaho. Leaving the beautiful bubble that surrounds our mountain home will make you come back a better person.

4. Stay active. An active body means an active mind. Flexing your leg muscles on Ogden’s infamous river trail will help get your body in top shape come fall semester. With a full load of classes, it’s harder for some students to stay active and fit. Using the summer months to explore recreation options around the local area is very beneficial. The WSU Outdoor Program offers gear for rent to students and the public at a special discount price.

5. Do something you are scared of, or haven’t done before. Some lessons you aren’t taught in a classroom setting. These are life lessons, which require actually living life. This is why stepping out of your comfort zone is so important. Summer is the time to accomplish the goals on your list. Never tried Mongolian food before? Try it now. Want to jump off a cliff into Causey’s freezing waters? Do it now. The only thing stopping you is usually yourself. And homework. Cross off items on your bucket list without having homework on your mind.

We still have a little more than a month left before the first day of school, so make it happen. Enrich your summer experience and your life by living it to the fullest until the coffee comas and 20-page papers tell us we can’t.

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