Damn you, electropop. You’re just too much! Leave me here to die, swaying my body to the beat while I struggle to free myself from your sticky-sweet synthesizer. No, seriously, stop. I feel like a character in “Adventure Time.”

Four-piece San Cisco, hailing from Australia, brings forward lyrically what acts like Tokyo Police Club and Dinosaur Jr. left at home. From the first track, I find myself already singing along, and I’ve never heard it before. It’s that catchy!

Jordi Davieson’s vocal work on “Hunter” (No. 4) sounded so much like Vampire Weekend’s lead singer, Ezra Koenig, I had to double-check to make sure I didn’t listen to the wrong album by accident. “Hunter” is still my favorite on the album, regardless of the stylized resemblance. Although most of the other songs on the album are similar to Vampire Weekend, the bands are different entities, San Cisco being Vampire Weekend’s weird foreign cousin. “Hunter” also reminded me of local Ogden band Mermaid Baby.

“Lyall” (No. 7) is the one song I would say doesn’t belong on the album, but in the trash. Too much. It’s just too much.

“Metaphor” (No. 8), on the other hand, quickly became an album favorite. The breakdown of the first stanza in the chorus is just excellent, and the timing fits perfectly with the alternating gang vocals at the intro of the song. I just hit replay. Again. “Metaphor” is pure gold.

Contrary to people’s opinion on the Internet, “Awkward” (No. 3) isn’t my favorite on the album. I will agree that Scarlett Stevens is a badass for being able to drum and sing at the same time, and her Aussie accent is cute as a button. But “Awkward” should be titled “Annoying.” This song lacks powerful lyrics, but is made up for by other hits on the album.

Released nearly a year ago, “Wild Things” (No. 5) has a music video that can be found on YouTube. Now, it’s not my job to critique the video, so I won’t say much besides that I don’t love it. I wish “Nepal” (No. 12) was made into a video instead. Listening to this song takes me back to the days when boyfriends of the past would play shows with their bands at venues like Kilby Court. The dreamy synth reminds me of flying on airplanes. “Nepal” is definitely more deserving of a music video. I’ll direct it. San Cisco, call me!

Album score? Totally five stars. This is rare, so savor it.

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