By Hector Valencia

Pokemon has been around for a quite long time. Just recently, the Pokemon Company released a new version for the Nintendo 3DS console called “Pokemon X and Y.” This version is only for Nintendo 3DS owners, and brings new characters and storylines to the Pokemon world.

“I think this game is cool,” said Game Vault co-owner Andrew Patten. “The 3DS version has some pretty great graphics, better than the older versions. I think it is pretty cool for Pokemon.”

Patten said that when he was little, every time he saw a new Pokemon game, he wanted to “catch them all.”

As the video game came closer to its release date, Patten expressed his excitement about the game.

“I was not excited before, but once the release got closer, I got sucked up in the excitement of playing the game.”

“Pokemon X and Y” has new levels of difficulties so that it can be played by all ages.

These days, technology changes fast, and the Pokemon Company brought up some new graphics to be incorporated in the game.

“Like I said before, the graphics evolution is great,” Patten said. “That is the coolest thing, to see old Pokemon characters go further.”

The Pokemon Company is bringing back important characters from the old cartoon and from the Game Boy version.

Game Vault owner Joe Gabber said he was pleased with the game. “The Pokemon Company incorporated some old things that I love, which is combining the old version with the new one.”

Gabber said he mostly liked the style of Pokemon when he was little, but also liked how the Pokemon have different abilities. In the games, every Pokemon has its own abilities and its own style of battling against others. The Pokemon Company updated the new games to 3-D to make them more realistic.

“I love that the game is more of a 3-D look,” Gabber said. “The upgrade of the game itself looks pretty nice.”

Weber State University freshman Jesse Johnson said he thinks the game looks great, but they keep adding more Pokemon he’s not familiar with.

“I like the older versions of the Pokemon games because we did not have to worry about all these new things they keep adding to the games,” he said. “But at the same time, I am excited for the game release because I have been waiting for a long time (for it) to come out.”

Johnson agreed with the store owners about the graphics in the new game. “And I also like that it is in 3-D too, because it makes easier to understand my surroundings.”

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