A warning for men traipsing around the jungles of Guatemala — do not wear Calvin Klein’s Obsession for Men.  This cologne is being used by biologists Rony Garcia and Jose Moreira from the Wildlife Conservation Society in an interesting way.

Garcia and Moreira rely on the cologne for its scent in luring jaguars, with the hopes to research and ultimately preserve the jaguars.

Garcia and Moreira use a non-invasive method involving camera traps. They utilize the cologne to lure the jaguars to the camera traps. The traps allow them to estimate more accurately the sexes and numbers of the jaguars that live within the site being studied.

It was WCS’s Bronx Zoo in New York that first made the discovery that big cats were attracted to the scent of Obsession for Men. Employees tried 23 other fragrances, but had the most success by far with Obsession for Men. It managed to hold the cats’ attention the longest.

In 2007, the practice of luring the big cats made its way down to Guatemala. Garcia and Moreira have recorded similar success with the cologne in the wild.

WCS says it plans to use the cologne in similar programs in Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador.

Information compiled from Foxnews.com.

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