Raging rock ‘n’ roll is my lifeblood. This being said, I’m not sure where Together PANGEA has been my entire life until this moment in time. More than simple garage-punk rock, Together PANGEA brings more than just boozy noise to the stage, and elements of thoughtful songwriting shine through on tracks in the most D.I.Y. of ways.

“Make Myself True,” Track 2, is the epitome of every punk’s love experience. William Keegan’s lyrics touch the heart of first love — or is he asking for forgiveness? “I wanna talk with you,” he sings. “I wanna make myself true. Yeah, I do.”

No. 3, “Badillac,” intertwines sweet harmonica and guitar for the outro, complementing Keegan’s “Badillac” outcries. The title track is a favorite, and shows the depth of Together PANGEA even in short bursts of unpredictable energy as shown in “Badillac.”

Keegan flexes his voice muscles in “Offer,” Track 6. Everything from falsetto to his normal post-millennial punk burr is showcased in this song. Tempo shifts from acoustic to all three members chiming in, uniting the song in an intelligent fervor.

One track to show the anxious experimentation Together PANGEA is best known for is “Depress.” Perfectly timed drumming ushers in the mangy vocals and guitar/bass buildup. This ascent promises something more than what follows, but when the guitars and bass meet again for the chorus, the promised climax is kept. “Depress” gives the listener everything they could ever want from Together PANGEA.

No other song on the album is as smooth or dark as “Cat Man,” Track 9. This song places listeners in a trance of sorts, until the vocal noises stop and the instruments take over. This is the best part of the song until the last 40 seconds, which are just evil chaos. I love evil chaos.

Together PANGEA will be visiting the Salt Lake Valley on Feb. 25 at Kilby Court. This isn’t a show I’m going to miss.

Album gets four stars.

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