The trade deadline has come and gone, with many of the bigger names not being dealt at all. That is not a huge surprise, even with all of the trade rumors for Rajon Rondo, Pau Gasol and Kevin Love. Those come up every year, and after the deadline, it is the small trades that makes the bigger news.

As a Jazz fan, I was content with the organization sitting and not making any deals yet. Even though it was rumored (key word being “rumored”) that the Celtics had a high interest for Gordon Hayward. No team was going to give up draft picks for a player like Hayward unless they were guaranteed that he was going to sign a long-term deal with the team.

The Jazz will have to deal with that come the offseason. As of right now, I would imagine that the team is more worried about Hayward’s play than his contract. The Jazz will make most of their noise after this season, as they will try to land the superstar of the future.

If you look at the trades that happened, the one that really catches my attention was that of Evan Turner to the Pacers. The 76ers, who seem to have jumped 100 percent on the tank train, received a much-hampered and beaten-up Danny Granger. It is not even known if Granger will be on the team in the next week; the 76ers’ organization has made a statement that a decision will be made soon regarding his future.

But let’s get back to Turner. The third-year player from Ohio State is statistically having his best year since being drafted. He joins the Pacers averaging 17.4 points per game while shooting 83 percent from the charity stripe.

That free-throw shooting percentage is a key stat for a guy like me, just because it seems like teams have been struggling with that in the past few years. It is always nice in the playoffs to have someone either in the starting line or off the bench who is able to make those crucial freebies.

Let’s stay on the Sixers’ tank train for just for a little while longer. They decided to send Spencer Hawes to the Cavs, which include Earl Clark, for basically nothing. Not that Clark is coming off a year where he played really well, but he doesn’t really help the team to gain an advantage in the Jabari sweepstakes.

The roster is full of players who might better be fitted in the D-League or playing overseas. This was just another sign that some teams are gearing up for the lottery and hoping the balls fall into their favor.

As the season continues, we must realize that some changes are still possible with teams buying out contracts. Glen Davis is no longer a part of the Orlando Magic organization after a buyout occurred. Various sources have confirmed that Davis will be signing with the Los Angeles Clippers when he becomes available on Sunday.

With more a local twist, Jimmer Fredette is most likely on his way out, as it seems the Sacramento Kings will buy out his contract after many failed attempts to trade him over the past year.

Fredette and Davis have the chance, like Turner and Haws, to make an impact for their new teams. If a team is going to dethrone the Heat, they are going to need all of the right pieces, whether those pieces come from a trade, picking someone off waivers or developing a player. All that matters is that trophy at the end of the year.

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