An emerging band from Philadelphia is making its mark in the indie scene. Modern Baseball’s indie punk-rock style reminds me something of a combination of WHY? and They Might Be Giants and an underlying tone of Blink-182, with rather angsty lyrics that can be described as high school nostalgia.a1051948489_10

Their album “You’re Gonna Miss It All” is a fun listen with upbeat jam segments and a quirky feel, but their music is not unlike most high school boys. For me, this band doesn’t quite hit the sweet spot.

However, songs like “Rock Bottom” (No. 3), “Notes ”(No. 6) and “Pothole” (No. 12) definitely show potential.

The opening melody in “Rock Bottom” is a solid intro, catchy and fun. Lyrics like “Is he here? Are you making out?” sets the tone for the song and definitely keeps you interested. Though it is not an exception to the high school theme.

I like the song “Notes” because of its quirky tones and lyrics, somewhat like WHY?’s song “Gemini.”

“Dear long, dark hair . . . you could be sea green in a wastebasket tomorrow.” I can appreciate artists who aren’t afraid to be a little nonsensical lyrically as long as they don’t abuse the technique, and Modern Baseball executes this idea well.

Their last track, “Pothole,” is my favorite song on this album. Not just because I’m a sucker for anything acoustic, but mainly because I think it’s the best song lyrically. And it concludes the album nicely. “The fossils of my footsteps” is a great opening line. The song shows maturity and reveals a sense of closure, which is what I believe the album was trying to accomplish. Many of the songs are about making sense and reflecting on something lost, and “Pothole” gives the first impression of moving on.

Overall, this album wasn’t bad. But it didn’t exactly excite me either. I give it two stars.

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