(Photo by Abigail Payne) (Left to right) Mazie Burt paints a ceramic horse at Color Me Mine with friends Maycee Westergard and Emma Clawson.

Historic 25th Street is home to Color Me Mine, a store specializing in pottery painting and helping customers express their creativity.

Color Me Mine sells pre-fired, paint-ready ceramics. The ceramics available at Color Me Mine vary from simple tiles, plates and mugs to unique cookie jars, jewelry boxes and a wide variety of piggy banks. Color Me Mine also provides the paint, brushes and other tools necessary to paint the ceramics.

Jenny Rose, co-owner of the Ogden Color Me Mine franchise, said she purchased Color Me Mine from a friend who was the original owner.

“I had gone to school with the previous owner, and she started it down here on 25th Street,” Rose said. “She has a couple other businesses, so she needed someone from the community to buy it from her and take it to the next level.”

Rose said owning Color Me Mine is her way of providing a place for people to express their creativity in a way they might not be able to otherwise.

“I think we were just meant to do this to be able to make people happy,” Rose said. “Everybody that comes here wants to be here, wants to create something, and we can bring out the creativity in people.”

Rose said that while painting a piece of pottery might seem a bit daunting or silly to some, she thinks it’s a great creative outlet for everyone, no matter the age or gender.

“I’ve had 35 preschoolers come in here at one time and it was fantastic,” Rose said. “Once we got them painting, we had a blast and not one thing was broken. It was amazing . . . The oldest lady that I’ve had in here was 98. Everyone can do this.”

Rose said she thinks Color Me Mine is a great place for students to come and relax. She said she believes everyone is creative — it’s just a matter of finding that creativity and having the tools to express it.

WSU alumna Megan Welton and her daughter Emma first went to Color Me Mine as part of a birthday party about four years ago. Welton said she and Emma have loved going ever since.

“We’ve come in here quite a few times,” Welton said. “I started painting with Emma because I can’t just sit here and watch, because it looked like too much fun.”

Welton said she thinks Color Me Mine is a great creative activity for everyone, one that can’t necessarily be accomplished at home.

Morgan Whitfield is a nursing student at WSU who works at Color Me Mine. Whitfield said that, while she has only worked at Color Me Mine for about three weeks, she loves her job and the opportunities to help people be creative.

“It’s really nice,” she said. “I’ll never have to buy another gift for a friend again, because I can come here and make something for them. A personalized gift is so much better than just something you buy.”

Color Me Mine offers a 10 percent discount to WSU students who present their WSU ID cards at checkout. Other discounts and special offers are listed on Color Me Mine’s Facebook page, Color Me Mine Ogden.

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