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Love Utah, Give Utah will celebrate its second annual 24 Hours of Giving event that will provide people the opportunity to support nonprofit organizations throughout Utah on Thursday.

According to Kyle Braithwaite, development director for Weber State University, last year’s event raised approximately $9,000 throughout the giving day. This year, 41 campus departments and organizations are participating in the event, an increase from 19 last year.

Due to the increase in departmental awareness and participation in the event, Braithwaite said he is optimistic that WSU can triple the amount of money raised last year.

Janneca McClellan, office assistant for the College of Arts & Humanities, said the college raised $2,400 during last year’s 24-hour event. Five different departments within the college will benefit from the fundraising effort: visual arts, performing arts, foreign language, communication and English. McClellan said that the money raised will go to scholarships and different materials needed throughout the college.

The theme of the video posted on the College of Arts & Humanities website is “125 reasons to give to the college,” which McClellan said “plays off of the 125th (WSU) anniversary celebration.”

Braithwaite said the university’s goal is to get as many people involved in the event as possible.

“Weber State isn’t just a university; it’s a community filled with many opportunities to give back.”

Donations received through the WSU website will focus on three main areas: student scholarships through Dream Weber, campus beautification and enhancement with the new Tracy Hall Science Center and equipment, and faculty development through the Hemingway Faculty Development program.

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