With a quick, distorted electric guitar, followed by “And it hit me like a f***ing brick” is the intense dive into local band Breaux’s latest album, “Black Wolf.” And into what is Southern metal rock.

This Utah-based band describes their music as being “Southern party metal.” Its Southern rock feel is exemplified by electric guitar solos and prominent lyrics.a1305857183_10

Being a heavy metal rock virgin myself, my favorite songs on this album were those that showed some familiarity. Like Track 1, “Ruiner,” which transitions into a different style through the middle of the song, revealing a smoother (though still heavy) and more rock side rather than the opening metal vibes.

The guitar intro of Track 2, “Fears,” is almost untouched by the heavy metal style, and I could easily see it transition into a pure rock song if I didn’t know any better. That’s what I think is neat about this band, is that they have successfully combined multiple influences in their sound, keeping their music style fresh and exciting.

“Black Wolf,” interestingly enough, took an expected turn in their closing songs. While the beginning tracks were raging with growl, Track 8, “Rivers,” exposes crisper lyrics. This is also is the case for the next track, “The Depth.” And the last track, “Sinking,” is surprisingly a very soft instrumental track.

Though accentuating mainly heavy metal sounds in “Black Wolf,” these last three tracks force me to take a step back to appreciate the varying tones and styles of Breaux and how they’ve incorporated them into this album.

I wouldn’t recommend Breaux if you’re not already fond of heavy metal music, unless you are willing to embrace your outer comfort zone; then you will perhaps find the experience liberalizing. Personally, I give it 2.5 stars.

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