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(Graphic by Brett Ferrin)

When reading a novel, we envision characters and settings a particular way, and when that novel is produced into a movie, sometimes it’s a perfect depiction of our vision, and others times, well, it’s just not.

After getting the basic movie necessities (popcorn, candy and a drink), I realized this movie required one more thing: a life preserver. Otherwise you will drown in the audience’s tears. Don’t laugh! I am being completely serious.

Sitting in my seat, sobbing and clutching my tissues, I heard sniffling from every direction, and in some cases full-blown sobbing. If you don’t like to cry in public, I would highly suggest waiting until this movie comes to your living room.

There were some funny moments too. When Isaac, Augustus and Hazel egged Monica’s car, the whole theater erupted in laughter. For all of us who have read the book, we know only Augustus Waters could get away with that and have Monica’s mother walk back inside without a single word.

Although the movie ends at exactly the same place as the book, it seemed to give a little more life to the characters. I fell further in love with Augustus Waters and his metaphors and obsession with symbols.

Even though the movie omitted certain parts of the book, they weren’t critical, and the movie still felt complete. Without a doubt, the movie did justice to the book.

OK, spoilers ahead! They took out Augustus’ ex-girlfriend, Caroline, who passed away from cancer, as well as the moment at the end where Hazel meets Augustus’ siblings. Even without these parts, the movie still met and exceeded my expectations.

As Augustus and Hazel sit at the gas station calling 911 because Augustus’ G-tube is infected, you can’t help but sob as you watch Augustus’ frightened face and tear-stricken cheeks. When you read this scene, it’s one thing, but seeing it heightens the grief and sorrow you feel, knowing what will follow.

I won’t share any more spoilers. Just know that you may want to take a box of tissues, maybe even two if you’re a big crier. Another tip of advice for the ladies — do not wear mascara unless you want to look like a raccoon.

“The Fault in Our Stars” was right on target for me. By the end of the book, I was a tearful mess and wanted more. I couldn’t believe the story was over, and the movie provided a satisfying ending.




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