(Photo by Jamii Freston) A young participant practices catching a ground ball.

Last week, the Weber State University softball team held their annual summer camp for the community. Though the weather was bleak, all who participated were eager to participate as they played through the cold.

“It’s ok,” Softball Head Coach Mary Kay Amicone said. “As softball players, we have to grow accustomed to the cold.”

Like many of the other athletic programs at WSU, the softball team held its camp to help share their passion for the sport with the young members of the community. The two-day camp gave both players and coaches the opportunity to help young players develop the skills necessary to compete at the college level.

“Most of the participants are in a summer league,” said Amicone. “So this camp helps them to tweak their skills.”



The participants for this camp, due to heavy rain on Tuesday, were moved into the new Robert L. and Annette Marquardt Field House located next to the Dee Events Center. The Field House, which opened its doors on Oct. 22, 2013, is the newest addition to the WSU athletic program.

It houses an NHL-sized hockey rink, a full strength and conditioning center and a practice field that comes with drop down batting cages.

“This field house is amazing,” said Amicone. “Though we couldn’t practice deep flies, we were able to really take the participants through a good practice.”

Though the cold tried to dampen the mood, the participants were in good humor throughout all of their drills. Keziah, a participant from Layton, was excited about everything.

“I love having the ability to improve and learn new things,” said Keziah. “This is an opportunity that we don’t normally get and I am enjoying it!”

(Photo by Jamii Freston) Participants warm up using a common drill.

Of all the things going on, her favorite part has been the interaction between her and the coaching staff.

“The coaches are amazing,” said Keziah. “They really know how to help you and work with you so that you can be the best possible player.”

Parent are both grateful and pleased at the effects of this camp. Shalon Wilmott, a parent of one of the participants had high praise for the camp.

“I love this camp,” said Wilmott. “Not just for the extra practice but the positive energy that the players and coaches have for the sport really boosts the confidence of parents like myself and for children like my daughter.”

Most importantly, camps like these give young athletes an opportunity to both explore and develop their passion for the sport.

“It’s great,” said Wilmott. “This camp, and any school that does a camp like this is a great asset to the community.”

The monetary benefits for the team are small, but the effect of their actions are intended to build a fan base and gain the trust of the members of the community.

“I love Weber State for that,” said Wilmott. “And I invite all members of the community to come out and take part in the wonderful programs provided.”

Amicone also extended that invitation to the student body.

“We have a great softball program here,” said Amicone. “We have a lot of great things going on.”

The Wildcats had one of their best seasons on record despite missing out on postseason action.

“We are excited for the next season,” said Amicone. “We hope the student body and the community can share in that excitement with us.”

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