During summer, we find ourselves sitting around telling stories with friends, and inevitably we get around to crazy stunts we pulled as kids. We share and compare the marks our childhood left, physical or otherwise. In the spirit of this summer storytelling, the Signpost went out and gathered stories from Weber State University students. Here are our top five.

  • Well There Went My Teeth! 

“The craziest thing I did as a little kid was right before kindergarten. I was playing on my swing set, pretending to be in the circus,” Jaisha Gull, a senior at Weber State University recalls. “I had a necklace that I had hooked on one of the ‘S’ hooks that was used to hang the swings. I had put the necklace in between my teeth and was hanging from my teeth, then the swing came out from under me and I ripped out my front teeth.”

Shortly after the front teeth incident, Gull decided to give herself a haircut, leaving her with no front teeth and short-cropped hair going into kindergarten. It took until third grade to grow back both, she says.

  • Shhh… Don’t Wake The Parents 

Ryan Davis, a freshman, tells of the Christmas Eve scandal in his family that went on for a few years.

“When I was a kid I liked to sneak upstairs to see what I got and even unwrap the presents and then wrap them back up,” said Davis. “It got so bad that my sister and I would get locked downstairs in our bedrooms on Christmas Eve.”

But locked doors did not stop the curious duo. As the years passed, Davis and his sister would use a nail to pick the lock and go upstairs so they could get a sneak peek of what they got for Christmas. Just to be sure, they would pick the lock throughout the year so they would good to go on Christmas.

  • Paste, Looks Edible To Me! 

Sophomore Tyler Hall recalls his culinary curiosity with classroom paste.

“I ate paste as a kid,” said Hall. “It was kindergarten and there was always that rumor that there is something to eating paste, so I ate a little bit of paste.”

Only afterward did he learn that paste is not considered one of the four major food groups. “I got in trouble for it,” said Hall. “I didn’t get to go to recess and I learned not to eat paste.”

  • I Will Save You! I Am Super Man! 

Senior Logan Putnman remembers pretending to be a super hero while wearing a blanket on his head.

“I think every little kid does this. I put a blanket on my head and acted like I was Spiderman or Superman,” said Putnman, an athletic training major.

But not every kid pays the same consequences. “I hit my head on the fireplace,” he said. “It got stitched up and I have the scar to prove it.”

  • It May Not Be Winter, But I Can Still Make A Snowman! 

Sophomore Jasmine King, an art major, remembers her first big art project.

“I would make baby powder snowmen,” said King. “I would mix in glue and baby powder and roll them up into little balls.”

And for the finishing touch: “Once they dried I would take some of my markers or paint and draw little faces on them.”

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