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Psi Phi Psi is being welcomed onto the Weber State campus by fellow Greek organizations after the university’s newest fraternity was ratified the last week of spring semester.

“Essentially it’s the idea that we are the Renaissance men, the guys that are interested in learning about more than one or two different things,” Psi Phi Psi’s President and founding member Nick Lambert said. “We want to come up with new ideas to help Weber as well as the community around it.”

The Psi Phi Psi’s are composed of six young men who felt they didn’t fit into either of Weber State University’s other two fraternities, Pi Theta Xi or Phi Gamma Lambda.

“From what I could tell, the Psi Phi Psi’s, I feel like they are going to bring a lot of campus involvement,” Phi Gamma Lambda President Jonathan Warren said. “Their main thing is to not only help the Greek organization out but to branch out and help other clubs with different events, whether it is a dance or a fundraiser they just want to be there to support Weber as a whole.”

In order to become a Greek organization the Psi Phi Psi’s had to promote themselves to the Greek organization, and show what they could contribute to Greek life.

“We were actually very surprised to see another fraternity pop up so quickly. As the chapter itself we were happy to see Greek life expanding in a positive light,” Tau Psi Beta President Katie Clayton said. “It was nice to see such dedication, and they were very humble about their approach.”

The Psi Phi Psi’s are interested in people who want to learn a little bit about everything. They strive to become well rounded in things such as the arts, technology, math and business.

“Our whole thing is community involvement and our stereotype is the Renaissance men. When we say that we really mean it because we all came from different backgrounds when we joined,” Psi Phi Psi founding member Andreas Sanchez said. “We want people who have a nice taste for sports, arts and video games. It’s kind of our thing to make people well rounded.”

Sanchez says that the process of being ratified involved a lot of socializing and finding out what the Greeks were up to.

Many of the guys who joined Psi Phi Psi had been friends with the Greeks previously and had been around Greek life. They had seen the system and how it worked. Weber State now has three fraternities and three sororities.

“I think the Psi Phi Psi’s, since they evened out our numbers, they are going to help us make more of an impact on campus as we wanted to as Greek life,” Pi Theta Xi President J.J. Freeman said. “No one knows we are here, but with the help of them we are showing the people we are here.”

The Greek organizations on campus have around 60 to 80 members. Freeman says at some point Greek life hopes to grow to the point where Weber State would have a Greek row.

“Personally I think it was a good idea we ratified them because it gives more diversity and choice to any potential new members of Greek life,”  Zeta Gamma Eta President Ashley Webb said. “I think a lot more students will now start to notice Greek life because of the amount of members there are.”


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