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(Source By: Tyler Brown) Watching Fireworks on the Fourth of July is always the classic way to spend the evening.

The Fourth of July: it’s the one and only day for Americans to honor their country’s birthday while celebrating their favorite family traditions. From head-to-toe spangled outfits, pot-luck barbecues and of course the fireworks, the Fourth is a great excuse to have a good time.

Like all the other important holidays of the year, having crazy things to do for the weekend can be hard to plan. If you’re still struggling to make this Fourth of July worthwhile, here are four great tips on how to enjoy your Independence Day.

  1. Go to the free events. Uncle Sam’s big day can get expensive. To keep the weight in your wallet, try going to community parades or center your day on the open firework show. Whether you care about your budget or not, there are still a bunch of free events to enjoy for a stellar Fourth of July experience.
  1. Throw your own party. If you don’t like participating in all the events, you can throw your own personal Fourth of July party. Have a huge barbecue or a simple picnic in your front yard. You can even spend all day indoors and have a movie marathon. If you’re feeling a little patriotic, light a sparkler or wear a spangled shirt.
  1.  Spend it with family and friends. It’s really no fun alone. Really, who’s going to support you at the hot dog eating contest? You can host a blockbuster party with your whole family or blow stuff up with your friends in the driveway. Make sure you spend this national holiday with someone who will make it memorable.
  1. Get super patriotic. This is the time to prove that you really do bleed red, white and blue. Go crazy with old-fashioned traditions: hang the flag, listen to country music or memorize fun facts about our nation. It doesn’t matter what you do. Seize the moment to flaunt your true American stripes.

Whether you have a seriously wild weekend planned or a simple night out with the family, the Fourth of July is a great holiday to make memories while celebrating our nation.

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