Weber State University Nursing Assistant Professor, Kathleen Cadman, biked 1,842 miles, from Canada to Mexico, to raise money for the Outreach International charity.

Cadman and her father, Bob Cadman, started the ride in Canada on June 7 and plan to finish in Tijuana, Mexico on July 4. Cadman’s mother drives the support vehicle, meeting up with them a few times throughout the day.

(Source: Kathleen Cadman) Kathleen standing at the beach by her bike.

“Instead of asking, why ride my bike from Canada to Mexico, I asked why not ride my bike from Canada to Mexico,” Cadman said. “We have seen giant statues of Paul Bunyan, we went through the giant Redwood forest and I got to ride my bike through a middle of a tree.”

Outreach International works to provide communities in developing nations with the tools and resources they need in order to sustain themselves. Cadman and her father’s goal is a penny a mile.

Many of the communities Outreach International has influenced are now functioning on their own.

“It is the only organization I have ran across that does exactly what it says in a model that works,” said Cadman. “They have been around for almost 30 years now and they do phenomenal work.”

Cadman’s family has been involved with Outreach International for many years now. They previously rode from Florida to California in order to raise money. In addition to bicycling for charity, they also visit the communities that Outreach International is helping and they create fundraisers to raise money for the charity.

“With these funds they will be able to expand their mission out into some other areas that are tampered on due to lack of funding,” said Bob Cadman. “It is very worthwhile. We would like to see it grow and do our part in helping with that.”

Cadman is a new member of WSU and is interested in international nursing.

“(Cadman) is passionate about traveling around the world and helping people set up things that can make a difference in the lives of others in different countries,” said London Draper Lowe, nursing professor. “She works with me in the nursing honors program.”

Lowe says she really enjoys Cadman’s fun and vivacious personality and that she really enjoys working with Cadman.

The Nursing Honors Program is looking to incorporate some of Cadman’s ideas on research, global health care and global nursing issues.

Before Cadman’s ride from Canada to Mexico she had special training due to her recent trip to Mozambique, Africa. In Mozambique she conducted research on the shortage of healthcare workers in developing countries.

“One of the main emphases any students or people can be interested in is to pick an organization they believe is worthwhile,” said Bob Cadman. “Make the extra effort to support it.”



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