Anyone who has seen a late-night infomercial knows there are some wacky products out there. From bald-spot buffers to baby mops, here are six inventions that seem too wacky to be real.

  • The Miraculous Wandering Mind Detector

Do you struggle with ADHD? Or have trouble focusing? Or are you just getting plain tired of nagging your kids to get on task? Don’t stress – we have the perfect solution for you!

Creative minds at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana brought you this breaking-edge software, which can recognize moments when its user’s focus drifts or concentration wanders.

This miracle invention leads to increased concentration, detecting eye movements to determine whether focus is still on point.

Better yet, it does your nagging for you! It asks users to go over the missed information again when they return, ensuring thoroughness.

  • The Ingenious Bald-Spot Brush

For all you balding gentlemen (and female hairless beauties), we present you a new favorite hair brush!

Because when you can’t beat it, flaunt it. Shine that head! Brush those last few thinning hairs!

Developed to perfectly fit the curve of your balding head, its soft bristles and felt pad polish the bald spot to a blinding shine.

Order now and receive a jar of free new-car scented bald spot wax!

  • The Much-Needed Neck Brush

C’mon, families, let’s face the truth – who has never wished for a more creative way to clean their neck than simply scrubbing in the shower?

Mothers, this is the answer to your prayers – no more grimy necks for your perfect little angels and hardworking husbands!

This Los Angeles invention cleans necks using no soap or water – astounding.

  • The Magically Emotional Human Cat Ears

(Source: Emotional cat ears which sense the user's brainwaves

Hey, you in the corner! Yes, you. Don’t think you can just keep your head down and ignore me. I know you, the cute little anime geek who’s a tad on the shy side, and I have a solution to your social problems.

These new cat ears are perfect for the verbally-challenged or painfully shy. The biosensors tweak the artificial ears upon detecting the wearer’s mood, bypassing the need for words.

With customizable colors and ears to look like Yoda, the Cheshire cat or even a wolf, these fuzzy accessories are simply irresistible.

Come pick up your pair today! Traditional communication skills? Pffft, not important at all!

  • The Lazy People Pizza Ordering Phenomenon

(Source: A magnet that puts pizza pie one push away

When picking up a phone or ordering online for pizza becomes too difficult, use our easy cheat – brand new fridge magnets which do all the work for you!

Don’t bother getting up and driving to our location! Push a button, sit back and simply wait for our delicious Italian specialty to reach your door.

(Note: Just be prepared to fork over payment even if the button press is accidental.)

Buy now and receive our battery-powered ice cream cones at a discounted price of only $4.99 for a three-pack! To save you the trouble of rotating traditional cones, a tiny motor spins your tasty scoops for you.

  • The Sly Baby Mop

Child labor is illegal, they say? Well, we’ve found a way past that.

It’s simple, really – if those little munchkins are going to crawl around on the floor all day, we might as well gain something productive out of it, which is what our Baby Mop does!

With this clever garment, baby can clean up his mess after an unfortunate diaper mishap or food fight.

Yay for free cleaning service!



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