Thrilling and dangerous, a classic rodeo can be a way of life for native westerners.  Whether it’s the leather chaps or cowboy chivalry, many are drawn to the dirt-paved arena for some awesome rodeo action.

(Source: McClatchy Tribune Information Services) Athletes get down and dirty as they participate in the rodeo action.

With Pioneer Day just around the corner, now’s the perfect time to ask ourselves what we love about the rodeo.

1.     Letting out your inner cowboy (or cowgirl):  This is the time to identify with your cowboy/cowgirl way of life. Rodeos offer the chance to get in touch with western culture. With blaring country music and tight pants, the desire to be rough and rugged can be satisfied at the rodeo. Plus, you get to put on leather boots and show off your country accent.

2.     Barbecues and cook-offs: This is America, and there’s no better way to kick off a rodeo than great barbecue and classic cook-offs.  Whether it’s a family-tradition or your first-time, enjoying food at the rodeo won’t be hard, especially if you like it fried. From fried root beer to fried funnel cakes, you’ll find all your favorite fried foods at the rodeo.

3.    Mutton Bustin’ and calf scrambling: If you haven’t seen mutton bustin’ or calf scrambling, then the rodeo is the place to be. Laugh and cheer on a herd of people as they chase frenetically after a lost cow. Or you can watch kids hang onto sheep as they fly across the arena.  What’s cuter than seeing little kids dressed up in little belt buckles as they ride fluffy sheep?

4.     The Broncos and the bulls: From bareback riding to barrel racing, the rodeo stays true to its roots by providing an old-fashioned western spectacle. For 8 terrifying seconds, these brave cowboys cling on to their 1,000-pound opponent and are thrown around the stadium. You also get to watch the finesse of the horses as they weave in and out of barrels. Either way, the main attraction of the event is no doubt watching the riders get down and dirty in the ring.

A lot of the western fun is at the rodeo, spreading happiness and excitement among the spectators. Whether it’s an annual family tradition or a fuel for your country passion, going to the rodeo is worth it.

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