Five Crazy Headlines


From ancient alien cave paintings to North Korea winning the world cup, here are this week’s five crazy headlines.

  1. Plan to make six states out of California may head to ballot

California might just look more like the east coast, as far as maps go, if this state constitutional amendment goes through.

Timothy Draper, the main backer of the amendment to carve out six separate states from present-day California, announced that he has enough signatures to get the plan on the ballot. Proponents of the measure say California is too big right now to be governed effectively.

If the plan succeeds, it will show up on the ballot in 2016 and would require approval from the California Legislature and U.S. Congress.

Source: NPR

  1. 10,000-year-old rock paintings depicting aliens and UFOs found in Chhattisgarh

Ancient rock paintings in Chhattisgarh, a state in central India, apparently depict UFOs and aliens.

Local officials are calling on NASA and other agencies to research and study the paintings. Local stories of “the small-sized ones,” who would kidnap locals and disappear into the sky, are reminiscent of aliens.

It seems people 10,000 years ago had as much imagination as we do today.

Source: The Times of India

  1. Weaponized can of tomato paste used in robbery

A man allegedly robbed a Seattle, Washington convenience store armed with a can of tomato paste.

Helped by a woman arriving on the scene shortly before the robbery, the duo chased other shoppers out of the establishment, and then assaulted the clerk with the can, among other improvised weapons. They managed to snatch an envelope of money before fleeing the scene.

If we had stronger tomato-control laws, this would not have happened.

Source: KOMO News

  1. Connecticut man arrested after stabbing watermelon

Facing charges of threatening and disorderly conduct, Carmine Cervellino was arrested Monday after carving a watermelon.

The woman filing the complaint had earlier reported Cervellino had possession of drugs, though he was not arrested at that time. According to her, he was carving the melon in a menacing way, as a sign of passive-aggression.

Cervellino has since posted $500 bail.

Source: Mass Live

  1. Football fans in North Korea ‘told their team will play Portugal in World Cup final

Though the country hasn’t had the best track record for being truthful to it’s citizens, this is just too much.

A video released last week shows North Korean news reporting that the country would be facing Portugal in the World Cup final. It also reports the team’s apparently incredible winning streak, beating Japan, the U.S. and China handily.

Some officials are calling the video a fake, which would make sense since North Korea did not even qualify to participate in the World Cup.

Source: The Daily Mirror

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