(Photo: Jamii Freston) Locals ride in the Ogden Pioneer Days parade.
(Photo by: Jamii Freston) Locals ride in the Ogden Pioneer Days parade.

With Pioneer Day celebrations underway, it’s the one and only time to get out and enjoy the festive spirit of July 24th.  What better way is there to jump-start a celebration than with a parade?

From dazzling displays to free candy tossing, parades give the crowds something new to enjoy with every passing float.

But there are more ways to enjoy a parade than just showing up. Here are some ideas on how to make your parade experience more memorable.

  1. Be early. You’re probably not the only one that likes a good parade. Parades attract huge crowds that flock the sidewalks for an up-close view. But unless you like the back of people’s heads, showing up late will guarantee you a place in the back of the crowd. To make sure you don’t get caught in the mad-dash for the best spot on the block, arriving early to secure a space will help you avoid the stress and enjoy the show.
  1. Prepare for the weather. It’s the peak of summer. The days are longer and the sun is blazing. If you know the forecast, it may not be a bad idea to prepare ahead of time. Whether it’s with extra bottles of water or more than one coat of sunscreen, knowing the weather will make sure nothing will rain on your parade.
  1. Play the part. It’s no fun to go to a parade unless you’re ready to bring the whimsical outfits and crazy props to spruce up the experience. You can dress in themed colors while flaunting your wild sense of style with fake tattoos and face paint. But don’t just get loud with your look, cheer on the parade by bringing noisemakers and covering the streets with confetti as your favorite float passes by. There are a million ways to fit in during a parade while standing out.
  1. Bring friends and family. It’s not just about watching fancy displays roll down the street. Parades give people the chance to get closer together, both figuratively and literally. A great way to make your parade more memorable is to share it with others. Bring a picnic and settle down in a shady spot with the parade as a backdrop to a new family tradition. No matter how old you are, scramble for free candy and take too many pictures with friends. The possibilities are endless when you come to a parade with people you love.
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