Five Crazy HeadlinesFrom a blogger trampoline jumping away cancer to prison inmates getting a change in uniform since orange is too “cool,” here are this week’s five crazy headlines.

  1. Tokyo homeless woman lived in stranger’s cupboard for a year

Coming out of the closet is always a challenging prospect. It was even harder for Japanese woman Tatsuko Horikawa since the closet was literal.

A Fukuoka, Japan, resident discovered 58-year-old Horikawa in his home from security cameras he installed after he noticed food disappearing from his refrigerator. Police tracked her back to a cupboard.

Horikawa allegedly lived in the cupboard for a full year. It was a space large enough to house a small futon and allow her to lie down. She has since been charged with trespassing.

Source: The Telegraph, UK

  1. Blogger claims he beat cancer by jumping on a trampoline

Blogger Chris Wark has led many in a strange exercise regimen supposedly able to cure cancer. The routine consists of three 20-minute sessions of jumping on a trampoline.

After being diagnosed with cancer, Wark decided to forgo chemotherapy in 2003 and instead bought a trampoline, starting the routine he calls “Rebounding.”

Switching his diet to fresh organic produce, Wark said he felt better within weeks of starting the regimen. Officials warn others diagnosed with cancer that there is no medical evidence to support Wark’s claims, though being active and on a healthy diet are always good advice.

Source: WCSC South Carolina

  1. Wider parking spaces for women spark gender equality debate in Chinese city

The Chinese mall in the northern local port of Dalian recently installed wider parking spots specifically reserved for women.

The spots are 30 centimeters or almost a foot wider than normal. The mall manager said the ten spaces were installed after women reportedly had difficulty fitting into the standard parking spots.

While the manager said the move doesn’t insinuate that women drive worse than men, many are still infuriated.

Source: Enikos, (Greece)

  1. Michigan inmates to get black-and-white striped uniforms. Orange is now too cool, sheriff says.

In the wake of the wildly successful Netflix series “Orange is the New Black,” a Michigan sheriff changed the wardrobe of prison inmates under his care back to traditional black and white suits popular in the 19th century.

The sheriff, William Federspiel, said the move was to stop the blurring of in- and out-of-prison culture. In other words, he doesn’t want the inmates of his prison to be “cool,” as the title of the show suggests.

Source: Washington Post

  1. Woman Lets God Drive Car; God Immediately Runs Down Guy On Motorcycle

To be fair, he’s kind of a busy guy.

Indiana resident Prionda Hill, 25, told police she had let God take the wheel when she got in an accident earlier this month with motorcyclist Anthony Oliveri, 47. Police on the scene in Fort Wayne reported Hill told them that, “out of nowhere,” God told Hill to let go of the wheel while driving and He would take over.

Though Oliveri was seriously injured, there were no fatalities.

Hill appeared in court last Thursday, facing a charge of failing to stop after an accident, among other charges.


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