(Source: SweetTalk Publicity) Florida Georgia Line was among the artists performing at Country
(Source: SweetTalk Publicity) Florida Georgia Line was among the artists performing at Country Explosion.

The rush a concert gives is addictive and always leaves me wanting more. I love feeling the beat of the bass and the drums in my chest while I sing along to every word.

Country Explosion, Utah’s largest four-day music festival, featured 14 bands. I was unable to attend all four days due to work and class but the important part was that I saw Florida Georgia Line, my absolute favorite band.

My best friend and I stood pressed up against a metal gate, which was as close as we could get to the attractive band members. We probably resembled little kids high on sugar who were pressing their faces up against a glass window.

A mother and her daughter approached us, wanting to stand next to the gate as well. We really didn’t care who we stood by as long as we had a clear view of Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley, lead singers of Florida Georgia Line.

The anticipation was almost too much for the both of us to contain. We jumped up and down, sporadically yelling, squealing and giggling. As the roadies brought out Florida Georgia Line’s drum set, we knew we were only minutes away from the best night of our lives.

While preparing our phones to take pictures of this glorious event, we basically hit each other with excitement.

My friend and I had endured what seemed like the longest afternoon of our lives, including a minor downpour that forced us to hold our lawn chairs over our heads in an attempt to stay dry. As it turns out, lawn chairs are not meant to be used as umbrellas. Forget dry clothes and nicely done hair and don’t even get me started on the mascara smeared down my face.

Did we care? Not in the slightest. We consider ourselves dedicated fans, though other people might call us obsessed.

When Tyler and Brian finally emerged onto the stage, we screamed and  jumped up and down. The mother and daughter next to us looked at us as if we were clinically insane.

“I love you Tyler Hubbard!” I yelled in hopes he would hear and realize he loved me too, and maybe write a country song about us before we rode off into the sunset.

“How are we doing Utah?” Hubbard asked. Both my best friend and I looked at each other before screaming into each other’s faces.

Before we knew it, we were belting out songs we had listened to Friday night after Friday night in my car. And this time, it wasn’t just the two of us because FGL was in our immediate vicinity.

Once the dark sky blanketed over the festivities Tyler had everyone in the concert pull out their cell phones and light up the whole venue as he sang “Get Your Shine On.”

By the end of the night I was floating on cloud nine. As we trekked almost a mile back to the field we parked in, we belted the words to “Cruise,” “Stay,” “Tell Me How You Like It” and “Party People.”

I could sum this evening up in five words: best night of my life!

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