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Whether you live in the Weber State residence halls or in an apartment off campus, students have to budget and learn to live away from home.

In light of a new semester beginning and new freshman moving into the residence halls, The Signpost gathered the opinions of upperclassmen on Weber State’s housing options.

“The Stewart Wasatch dorms are very social. You kind of have to talk to people, I don’t know how you don’t,” Richard Campos said. “I don’t really like University Village, people are too quiet and keep to themselves.”

Campos adds that if students want a social aspect they should try Stewart Wasatch for a year and if they don’t like it they only paid for a year and not three.

More advice to incoming freshman is to meet the resident advisers on their floor. If a student is having issues with a roommate, their RA is the person that can help to resolve the issue so both parties feel comfortable staying in the room.

“If you do live in University Village you should make sure to agree with your roommates on the kitchen. That was the largest issue for me because no one cared about the kitchen,” Hannah Klemperer said. “It’s a lot more expensive than it would be to get an apartment or a house off campus.”

Students who decide to live in either University Village or Stewart Wasatch have the benefit of being close to campus. Across from University Village is the shuttle which runs every seven minutes from 6:30 a.m to 2 p.m and every 14 minutes from 2:00 p.m to 8:30 p.m.

While University Village is more expensive, students are living in more of an apartment-style residence hall. For an academic year, University Village costs $4,218.90 or eight payments of $527.36. A double room in Stewart Wasatch costs $3,308.76 or eight payments of $413.60. Check out for more prices.

Stewart Wasatch in Wildcat Village requires a meal plan while University Village does not. Meal plans can range between $1,248 to $2,130 depending on how many meal swipes per week and flex dollars a student thinks they will use.

“I live off campus in my own apartment. I like it, it’s less expensive and it’s easy for me to ride the bus. I prefer it because I can purchase the food I want,” Emily Steckbauer said. “The dorms may have that social aspect but I can just as easily meet people in my classes.”

Steckbauer suggests that students attend events on campus. She continues to say that the residence halls were a good place to start because that is where she met her current roommate.

If you want an off-campus experience with on-campus socializing, check out the apartments closer to Weber State.

There are quite a few apartment complexes available to students near Weber State. Christopher Village is one, located five minutes away from campus. It ranges in price from $695 to $715 per month for a two-bedroom apartment.

Lake Park Apartments, also located near campus, cost $599 per month for a two-bedroom apartment. This can be an inexpensive way for students to move out on their own with out breaking the bank. Depending on the apartment and how many roommates a student has, they may only have to pay around $350 a month for rent.

“I live at home with my parents. I like it because it’s cheaper. If you’re not outgoing and you don’t talk to people, and you just go to school, go to work and go home, then you will hate it,” Kim Magana said. “You have to find people that have the same interests and your college life will be a lot better.”

If students are living at home with their parents and would like to move into the residence halls there is a new option this year.

The resident halls have collaborated with other departments in finding jobs for students. This upcoming semester WSU is offering students employment options on campus that will pay toward the students’ housing and meal plans.

Students will work 20 hours a week with their on-campus job. This offer is good for the Wildcat Village double suites. Students will be making $9.50 an hour, although 90 percent of the money will go toward their room and meal plan. Students will only have to pay $455 each semester with this program instead of paying the regular price of $2903.00 a semester.

“We completely love the idea that students live on campus. We do believe in what we offer for students as far as coming and living in the halls and having that on-campus experience,” said Daniel Kilcrease, director of housing. “It’s kind of that transition to living on your own.”

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