What are “Greeks?”

Greeks are people that come from Greece, but in the United States, Greeks on college campuses are social clubs, made up of sororities and fraternities.

Are there Greeks at Weber State?

Yes! Weber State has three fraternities and sororities. The six chapters are Delta Chi Nu, Pi Theta Xi, Tau Psi Beta, Phi Gamma Lambda, Zeta Gamma Eta and Psi Phi Psi.

How long have Greeks been at Weber State?

The first fraternity was founded at Weber State in 1931 and Greek life has been around off and on since then.

Is it like the movies?

For the most part, no. Movies tend to exaggerate the college experience for entertainment. Movies rarely highlight the community service Greeks participate in, or the high standards they strive to live by.

What is the different between a sorority and fraternity?

Simply put, sororities are for girls and fraternities are for boys.

How do I know which chapter is right for me?

Go to Rush Week Sept. 813. Once you look at all the branding and what the chapter stands for and focuses on, then get to know every chapter and meet its members, you will most likely find a chapter that you feel comfortable with.

How do you join?

Step 1) Contact the chapters’ rush chair and make sure you are on their contact sheet to receive information on rush activities.

Step 2) Go to rush activities, make sure you make contact with most of the members of the sororities and fraternities.

Step 3) Go to the chapters’ interviews that you related to, or liked the most.

Step 4) All of the chapters will have a day they give out bids, which are the organization’s acceptance letters. These have instructions on what to do to be initiated as a pledge.

Step 5) Pledge for about seven to eight weeks and fulfill all of the requirements to become active in the chapter.

Step 6) Be welcomed as new a brother or sister!

What is Rush Week?

Rush Week is a week full of fun activities that all of Greek life hosts to open up the new pledging semester. This is when a “prospect,” or potential new member can meet and get to know the Greek life family.

Who can Rush?

Rush Week is for anyone that is a current student of Weber State University, and is at least 18 years old. Prospects can rush for any of the three chapters that apply to them.

How do I know if I got in to a chapter?

To be invited to join a fraternity or sorority you must receive a bid.  For sororities the bid day will be on Wednesday, Sept. 17. For fraternities the bid day is Friday, Sept. 19.

What is a pledge?

A pledge is the term that Greeks use for the time between a prospect and an active. A pledge semester is the time you learn about the chapter you’re pledging for.

Is there hazing?

No, hazing is illegal. Before pledge semester can start all new pledge and active Greek members must attend an anti-hazing meeting. There has never  been a hazing lawsuit in Weber State University’s Greek history.

What is the time commitment?

Typically a pledge will spend about three to four hours a week. As a pledge, most of your time is spent doing activities with your pledge class and learning about the chapter you are pledging.

What are the benefits?

The benefits are endless: lifelong friends, support through school, opportunities to grow as a leader and individual, networking opportunities and future jobs.

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